(Um, I couldn't really think of the perfect title for this post. So bear with me. Lol. Bears.).
Anyways, don't you always feel like you always want things that you can't have? Lol. Like you get something, and it's yours. But you get bored of it, like a game, for instance, and want this other game thingy. But you can get it. Lol. Something like that. Well, that happens to me too. Often, in fact. Lol. And so like I research about it and stuff. And it just makes it's more depressing. Lolol. Always wanting what you can't have. Lol. This doesn't have to be exactly material-things, but it sometimes is. Lolol. So yeah. Lol. .___.
Sorry for this "lame" post. Lolol. I would post about something more interesting, at least to me at least. But I'm still working on the overload of homework I was assigned. Gah. And I wanted to sleep early today. Lol. Oh wells. Better get finished now. Lolol. There's like literally a mini-mountain of homework next to me. Lolol.
Well, I is thinking of new posts to post. So yeah. So for now, enjoy this GIF. :D.
Did anyone notice a few changes in the collage of this website? :o. Well, some pictures were added and replaced a few old ones. Lol. I thought they fit the collage better. Just saying. Lolol. So do you like this version of the collage? :D. Lolol. Anyways, this collage isn't just made up of random pictures. (Well, it is. Lolol.). But each picture has a meaning. Lol. Like the collage represents things that I like. That was the theme of the collage. Lol. So yeah. And like yeah. That's basically it. I think. Lolol. *mind is blank.*. Lolol. 
Comment below and tell me your thoughts, or use the Contact Me page, and fill out a contact form to tell me your thoughts. :o. Thanksss.
Omggg. The weather in morning today was so awesomeeee. Lolol. In my opinion, at least. Like it was cloudy, so the sun wasn't blazing its rays in your eyes. Yet it was still fairly bright. It wasn't that hot, nor that cold. It was chill. There was a refreshing nice and cool breeze blowing. And everything seemed peaceful. Wish we could've played basketball games in that weather. Or like chill with BFFs. :D. Lol.
Well, so like the Links page, haven't been touched for awhile. D:. The Links page is pretty vital to this site and the freedom of my expression, because it let's viewers know what sites I see and stuff and etc. Lolol. So like I was thinking about having a revamp of the Links page. I can do it fairly quickly, but I need your opinion on how the page should be revamped. (YESH. YOUR OPINION MATTERS. :'D.).
Which way do you prefer viewing links?
Option 1: The "traditional" way of just showing the link. Like this:
Option 2: Using the page's title shown in your Internet browser's tab thingy window you have the link open on. Like this:
They both have the same function by sending you to the website of the link on a new window/ tab when clicked, but they're different ways of showing things. Lolol. I wanted to clear that up before revamping the page.
(I would add a poll here, but when I did, it like deleted this post. And I had to retype everything up again. T_T. Lol. So sorry, no poll on this, and it'd be weird to add the poll on the Polls page, because if people didn't see this post, they'd be like "The hell. o_o.". Lolol. Sorry.).
Please comment below with either "Option 1" or "Option 2" to tell me how you would like to view links! :D.
Or you may use the Contact Me page and fill out a form to tell me your opinion as well. :'D.
Enjoy and invite your friends, as for I'm doing this for you. Yesh. You. :'D.
Thanks, in advance!
~Yours Truly.~

"Growth occurs when one goes beyond one's limit. Realizing that is also part of training." ~ Masashi Kishimoto.
Lolol. I like that quote. :o.
Gah. Why is it so hot? T_T. Isn't it winter? D:.
/Looking for cooler weather.
Well, like basketball games started today. Yayyy. Ish. Lolol. Not official games or anything big. But a tournament between small teams. Lolol. For the most part, we used the traditional basketball rules. But we had some variations added by the coach. Lolol. It was kind of funny, to be honest. As well as a greater challenge. I was like in my mind: "Challenge Accepted." Lololol.
_So like, the coach said that if guys make a shot and like makes it, the team gets two points. (Like two points, no matter where he shoots it. Lolol.). And he said that if a girl makes and shot and like makes it, the team gets four points. (Like four points, no matter where the girl shoots it. Lolol.). And then he also said, that when a girl is about to shoot, guys may not block her. (I'm not sure if girls can block girls though. Lolol.). However, guys may steal the ball away from girls. (Fair enough. Lol.).
And obviously, some people complained. They were like "Whyyyyy? D:." And the coach was like, "Well, because the girls are prettier." I was like "Lolwhut. So I'm not pretty? D:." Jkays, but all jokes aside for now. That was pure pwnage. Lolol. Like all the complainers (I didn't complain.) went silent immediately. Lolol.
Well, like we were playing and stuff. Today was so hot. I felt a little faint after we finished the practice game. Lolol. Hopefully, it's cooler tomorrow... But I doubt it. Awh. Lol.
It's interesting how some people, use the words "play" and "use" incorrectly. Lol. Well, ish. To me at least. Lol. Like, some people, who aren't old enough to have a Facebook, have a Facebook, like Kindergartners and stuff, which is outrageous. And they go running around the playground screaming "I like playing Facebook!!!" And stuff. And I'm like, "Facebook is a Social Networking site. You don't 'play' Facebook. There might be games on Facebook, but you still don't 'play' Facebook, you use Facebook." Something like that. Lolol. So yeah. Lol.