Ugh. I strongly dislike it when you sit down for a long time and like the seat gets warm. And like when you get up and someone sits on that seat, he/ she goes like "Ewww. It's warm." That really irritates me. I'm like in my head "What. Did you think it was going to be cold?! I've been sitting there for like 3 hours. Of course, it's going to be warm. -_____-. Heat transfers, you know. -____-." And I get all pissed. But like on the outside, I'm like "...Okay, whatever." Lolwhut.
/End rant.
Essays. The topic of this post is going to be about cookies. Chocolate chip cookies, to be exact. Loljks. :P. I like cookies though. :D. Let me post a picture of a cookie, before I get to the point of this post. Lolol. Pictures, rather. 3 pictures, to be exact. Lolol. One of my BFFs would go crazy, because she's obsessed with the number 3. :P. Wonder if she looks at my posts. :o.
♪There's a zombie on your lawn. There's a zombie on your lawn.♪. Lolwhut. That had nothing to do with the post or the cookies. Lolol. I want a chocolate chip cookie now. .___. Lolol. Oreos will do. :P. For now, at least. Lol. Anyways, onwards with the post! Lolfinally.
So like, personally, I believe the hardest things to do in an essay is to:
•Start it with an awesome sentence.
•End it with a memorable sentence to recap and such.
Like those two things make essay writing so time-consuming, in my opinion. Like seriously. I can go on and on about something, after I introduced it, with no problems, but it would take me literally hours (Okay, maybe not literally.) to end it with a good memorable sentence. Lol. Maybe that's just me.
Tell me your opinions about essay writing. Like what's the hardest part. What do you like. What don't you like. And etc. :D. You may comment on the comment section below. Or send me a Contact Form. Either is fine. :D. Enjoy.
(Okay. So here is like a little apology. I apologize for not posting anything for the past couple of days. Truth is that I was very busy with homework and projects. So sorry. I'm going to attempt to post more and more, as for the mountainload of homework is shrinking! Um, for now at least... .___. Lol.).
Remember the other post I had about the pages being revamped? Lol. Well, sorry for the long wait. But fear not, as for it was worth it. As soon as I have time, I will revamp the pages, as for I have made up my mind. Lol. So keep visiting this site for exciting updates and posts! :D.
Overall, today was a good day. Lolol. I improved on my mile time. :D. Yayy. Lolol. And my team tied with my friend's team at basketball during lunch. That's an accomplishment. Lolol. Although, I think he was taking it easy. Oh wells. Lolol. An accomplishment is an accomplishment. :P. Fudge. We have an Algebra test tomorrow. I'm scared. .__. So, gotta study. I'm afraid that this is all that will be posted for now. (I also apologize for the lack of posts. I've been busy with projects and mountain loads of homework. :/. Sorry. I'll try to post more frequently!). Until next time!~
Happy Presidents Day! And happy birthday, President Washington. *salutes.*. Lol.
Every time I come out of music class, the last song that we played is always stuck in my head. Lololol. Like seriously. Lol. Most of the time, it's a good thing, because the songs we play are good songs. And good songs that play in my head help me pass time, when I need to, that is. Lolol. Music. ♥.
Omggg. I just created my own GIFs! :DDD. Well, as you can see, I'm excited to show you guys and girls. So enjoy! :D.
Did you like them? :o. Tell me your personal opinion(s) by commenting in the Comments section below. :D.
Omggg. Today, a.k.a. Picture Day, actually wasn't half bad, to be honest. Lololol. I thought it was going to be absolutely horrid. Overall, it was a pretty nice day. Lol. I was one of the helpers for the photographer people. And like the best part about it was that one of my BFFs was also a helper. So that helped pass time. At first, I was confused about what to do, and like kind of messed up. But as the time passed, less mistakes were made and everything was smooth. Lolyay. And like at the end, the photographer lady person gave me and my BFF a card thingy. That gives us the pictures that we took for free. :D. Yayyy. Like the whole package. I thought that was generous. To be honest, they didn't have to reward me with anything. I was happy to help. Lol. Props to Lifetouch. Lol. (Free advertisement for them? Lolol.). And so like now I'm tired. Lolol. I hope my pictures will look good. Lolol. Today was an interesting day.
Blah. It's Picture Day tomorrow. Ugh. The background choices for Picture Day this time are so horrid. Absolutely horrid. *shudders.*. I wonder who chose them. >_> Ew. And like I don't like how the pictures always come out bad. Lol. And they don't even do anything about it. (Like they'll just try to sell you a picture that you blinked in. Sigh.). Forced poses, in my opinion, will always turn out bad in a picture. Natural poses are best. Lol. Well, that's enough ranting about Picture Day for now. Until next time. Lates.~
Basically what the title says. Lol. The pages (well, some of them, at least.) are going to be revamped. Lol. Well, in a sense. Lolol. Up to 3 of the most unused pages are going to be removed. (Mostly likely. Lolol.). The Videos Page doesn't seem really useful to the website, so it's going to be removed. And the Google Page is also going to be removed. As for, it holds very little use. It would be much more useful if I could get a search engine to work within this blog. As in, if you search for something, it'll display posts that were posted in this blog earlier. Lol. That would be nice. But sadly, that is still in progress. Lolol. (Like 1% completed. .___.). Anyways, and MAYBE the Fun Page might be removed too. As for, after I left for awhile last year, the Fun Page became all glitchy and screwy. Most of the games can't even be played. And that takes the point away of having a Fun Page. Lol.
Well, removing those 3 pages might make this website seem empty, huh? Well, fear not. I have a plan. Lol. 3 new pages are going to be added in their places. Lol. I'm going to add a "Gallery" page. To add photos and whatnot. Lol. And I'm going to add an "About Me" page. Because I've been thinking. That little "Author" section to the right of this post doesn't tell much about me. Lol. So for those of you, who are interested about me, you can read a little more about me in the upcoming "About Me" page. Lol. I thought that would be nice. ^_^. And MAYBE, just maybe, I'm going to add an "Etc" page or like a "Miscellaneous" page. Lol. (The name of that page is still tentative.).  And if maybe I feel like adding some Videos back, then I'll make a "Media" page. Where it isn't confined just to videos. Lol. (The name of that page is also tentative. Lolol. So many tentative titles. Lolol.). Well, that's about it. I'll get started with the revamp soon. Enjoy.~
Comment below to tell me your thoughts about this revamp!