Goodbai everyone. :D. Loljkays. :p. Hellloooooooo everyoneee. How're you all doing? :o. (Probably better than how I am right now. Lol.). Well, this post is going to be filled with announcements and whatnot. Sort of. :p. Happy last day of March 2013. :D. Loljkjk. Happy last day of February 2013. :D. Wheeeeee. (Actually, I can't tell if that's a good thing or not. LOL.). So um. WOOHOOO/ AWWHH. Mixed emotions. :p. 
This month has relatively been a busy one... Like EVERY MONTH. T_T. (Bleh. Who am I to complain? e_e.). I guess it's mostly my fault. Since, I've been procrastinating and wasting time. Yesh. I do admit to my faults. Sigh. Oh how I wish that I can just magically stop procrastinating and whatnot. Many events have happened. And time seems like it's going by pretty quickly. (Well, based on my perspective looking backwards, of course. I explained it in more detail in this post.). The last few weeks of this month were probably the worst parts of it. ._. Sigh. The new month begins tomorrow. And I'm looking forward to a fresh start. :).
And now, I'll talk about my day. Loool. Today wasn't such a great day, unfortunately. :/. It was all because of one test... ONE TEST. And it really sucked how I took that test during the morning. Since, it completely ruined my entire day. e_e. Like seriously. So, last night, I studied for about an hour. If not, more. And I felt pretty good about it. Since, I did the homework with ease and passed the quiz with flying rainbow colors. (The subject I'm talking about is math.). Once I saw the test, I kind of blanked out. I wasn't thinking straight. I don't know why. The beginning of the test wasn't that difficult, albeit I was drawing blanks in my head. However, once I got to the middle of the test, I just couldn't do the problems anymore. It was a strange feeling. The problems didn't look THAT difficult, but they kind of were. :/. I was forced to guess on some of them. Sigh. I couldn't tell whether I didn't know the concept or what. And so, I don't think I did so well on that test. It kind of made me have a bad mood for the rest of the day. :/. I'm not looking forward to those test results. Sigh. 
P.S. If you're wondering about the promised update, I have not forgotten about that. However, as things are the way now, I do not have enough time to complete it. After all, I do want to make an extravagant update. I don't want to do something half-heatedly with only half of my effort poured into it. Rest assured. It'll be coming eventually. I'm thinking about completing it and launching it during Spring Break. c:. 
Oi. Why is procrastination so addicting? e_e. It's so annoying how I now procrastinate on most assignments. e_e. Sigh. And one of my New Years' Resolutions was to procrastinate less. (Yesh. I did not forget about my resolutions, unlike many people. :p. To me, they're pretty important. But sometimes, I don't really prioritize them due to reasons.). No matter how much I say that I'm going to not procrastinate, I always end up procrastinating and rushing the assignment(s) last minute (literally.). It really isn't a good habit. 
When the effects of procrastination, such as sleep deprivation, catch up to me, I always regret procrastinating. I make myself promise that I won't procrastinate on the next assignment, but it never works. -_-. I get sucked back into the procrastination cycle over and over again. Sigh. Even now, I'm procrastinating on a major project. GG. Does anyone have any tips on escaping this vicious cycle of procrastination? :).
Tip: If you haven't started procrastinating, don't start. It's hard to stop and it's a difficult cycle to endure through. 
(Note: Click the pictures below to view a larger image of each one of them. Enjoy. Or not. :p.).
This is a very accurate flow chart of the "art" of procrastination. Props to whoever created it.~
Here's a quick shoutout to Berry Sweet and all the peeps at :D. Lolpeeps. :p. Peeps remind me of little chicks. c:. *fanqurl scream.*. I think she deserves one because her blog's so awesome. :p. Her blog's content is pretty darn awesome. Like seriously. Sometimes, she has posts that you can easily relate to or posts that can make you laugh out loud. :p. Regardless of the post type, I can guarantee you that the posts are awesome. :D. So, what are you waiting for? Go visit that page now! Gogogogogogo. :p. 
P.S. You should try clicking all the links on this blog post. ;). I think you'll get a laugh by clicking a certain one. Muahahahaha. Loljk. ;).
P.S.S. Because this post is about Berry Sweet, I must post a picture of chicken wings in her honor. :p. 
Holy potatoes. I really want chicken wings now. 
Haii everyone. :D. Guess what? I've recently written my own poem. Lool. As I've promised  before in a certain post, I will post my poem in this blog post. :p. Unfortunately, I was unable to write my poem about potatoes due to poet's block (LOL. Just made that up on the spot. Is there even such a thing? o_o.). Writing a poem is tough work. .-. However, it can be fun when you see that all your hard work paid off. :p. Well, here's my poem. It's not terrific. In fact, it's kind of terrible. At least, I can say that I tried. :p. 

Paradise in Books

Reading books in my leisure
Is a great pleasure
Imagination in my mind
Never stops because it’s unconfined.

Books can take me to great places
Faraway from deadly maces.
A character’s extensive trek
Can be my escape from boredom.

Being indulged in books
Helps relieves stress.
Time flies by quickly
Due to books. 

So, what do you think? How terrible was it? :p. Lool. Feel free to tell me your thoughts by commenting in the Comments section below! Also, for those of you who are interested to use this poem in a project/ homework assignment/ blog post or something, feel free to do so. Just credit me. :p. Put like, "Source:" or something. (If you're having trouble, please contact me by using a contact form in the Contact Me page.). Although, I'd doubt any of you guys and qurls would use this. Haha. 
Alright. This part of the blog post will be dedicated to Berry Sweet. Why? Well, why not? :o. Loljk. :p.  But in all seriousness. I would like to give a special thanks to Berry Sweet. She had helped me with parts of my poem and inspired me with new ideas. :D. I swear, she's a poetic genius or something. o_o. (I'm so jelly. :c.). And when I said "thanks", she said "anytime". :D. So there yah go,. If you need help on creating a poem, go ask Berry Sweet, she'll be happy to help you at ANY GIVEN TIME! :D. Loljkays. Haha. :p. Also, visit her blog! :D. It's filled with fabulous and hilarious blog posts. :). In her honor, I shall post a picture of chicken wings. :p.
Ugh. I really don't like it when unclear directions are given on a test. Wait. Scratch that. I really don't like it when unclear directions are given at all. They cause so many problems, which cause many more problems and so on and so forth. Like seriously. When I'm given unclear directions, I go like, "Wtf am I supposed to do? *flips a table.*." Loljkjk. :P. Well, I usually ask a person for clarifications. If no clarifications are given, then I get very irritated. Is it so hard to give clear directions? Especially on tests. (Since, I have a few teachers who prohibit asking questions during tests/ quizzes. Bleh.). 
Unclear directions are just so confusing. It's like saying: "Solve for x." when the diagram/ problem only shows a 'y" for a variable. .-. I don't like how some directions are  ambiguous  They just make life so much harder. e_e. Bleh. So next time you have to write directions, for the sake of humanity, please give clear, concise, and coherent ones. Thanks. c:. (Lol. The 3 C's. :p. Well, not all directions have to be short, but keeping it short and simple kind of helps, for the most part. :p.). Feel free to tell me your thoughts about unclear directions by commenting in the Comments section below! :D. 
Hello everybody. :D. Wow. I seem to be posting a lot of these types of posts. LOL. I guess I have a lot of random thoughts? :p. I hope you enjoy these types of posts. Haha. :p. 
Oi. Don't you just strongly dislike it when you're thinking of an idea, but someone else does the idea first and you can't use it because it would seem like you copied him/ her? -_-. Also, don't you just dislike it when you're thinking of a design, but someone else comes up with a design first, and it makes your idea seem like a potato. .-.  These situations really annoy me. I really don't like copying others. (I only do so as a last resort or if it's just something minor, like copying notes or something.). Sigh. It's like:

Playing Mario in first person would actually be pretty epic. o_o. (By "first person", I mean like you're facing everything through Mario's eyes, not viewing everything, including Mario, in third person. :p.). Especially in 3D graphics. o_o. Look at this video below. Props to Frediew for creating this video. Awesome video. c:. Honestly, I wouldn't mind it at all if a few new Mario games were played as first person instead of third person. :p. It gives it a new awesome feeling. c:. What do you think? Feel free to tell me your thoughts by commenting in the Comments section below. :p. 
Personally, I believe projects are a waste of time. Well, for the most part, that is. I feel like teachers just give them to make our lives harder. (Loljkjk.). To me, I don't learn anything new when I do projects. (For most projects, that is.). I feel like they just waste my time. And that I have to do a good job on them to receive a good grade. :/. On the other hand, I feel worksheets on lessons are effective. (Depends on the situation though.). At least, more effective than projects. I understand that some teachers use projects as part of their teaching style, but I don't think projects are effective in helping students learn new material, based on my experiences. :x. Either that, or I just don't really like projects. Lool. 
Omgeeeee. Do you see the "description" for the picture? :D. It shows this website! :D. *fanqurl scream.*. Loool. This website is now famous! Loljkjk. :p. 
More chicken wings. :).
(Sorry guys. This post is going to be a rant. Although, many of you can probably relate to this.).
Ugh. I get very annoyed when an inadequate amount of time is given to finish a certain task. e_e. Especially when it's group work. -_-. Every task requires a minimum amount of time to finish, right? I don't understand why some teachers/ people don't provide that amount of time. By "providing", I mean like giving class time or making a reasonable due date. It really irritates me when I'm not given enough time to finish an assignment. It makes me feel like I'm supposed to rush everything. And being pressed for time isn't a good feeling. I feel all stressed out and everything. (Like how I"m feeling right now.). Ugh. e_e. 
Also, group work takes time. Is that so hard to understand? It takes time to plan and more time to collaborate and work together. (Couple reasons why I don't like group work.). Having piling obligations doesn't help either. It just makes everything worse.
Some teachers don't provide enough time to do things because they want to cover more things in a certain amount of time. However, rushing lessons doesn't really help students. Seriously. What's the point of covering the entire book if no one learns a single thing? (I know self-studying comes into play. But still.). I'd rather know a small amount of things than know nothing at all. 
Sigh. I hope you guys had a better week than me.  
This weekend is going to be hell. And next week isn't going to be that great either. I apologize in advance if I don't blog often in these upcoming weeks. 
(Warning: This post is going to be a ranting post. Viewer discretion is advised. Loool. Well, sort of. :p.). 
Ugh. I get really annoyed when people talk unnecessarily loudly when they're RIGHT NEXT to me. e_e. Like, I don't care if they'r talking to a person across the room or trying to talk to me. But it's not necessary for him/ her to shout loudly. e_e. Like seriously. If he/ she is trying to talk to someone across the room, then he/ she should just get up, walk there, and then talk normally. -_-. 
Also, it really annoys me when I'm working really hard on some work and then people are just shouting/ talking very loudly when they're near me. It distracts me and irritates me. Like why do they have to talk right next to ME, of all people? -_-. It's just so annoying. It's also very annoying when GROUPS of people do that in public. Ugh. 
If you do this, please, next time just talk with your normal voice level. :). Because every time you talk unnecessarily loud next to people who get annoyed by that, a unicorn dies. :c. Save the unicorns please. :). 
Due to popular demand, I have decided to include pictures of chicken wings onto more posts. o_o. *cough.*. Berry Sweet. *cough.*. :p. Enjoy your chicken wings. *wink wink.*. ;). 
             NINJA POTATO!
Did I scare you? Loljkjk. :p. Alright. Here: 
Darn it. I want some chicken wings now. :c. Lol. Enjoy.~
Post-It notes are awesome. Like seriously. So, recently I bought a pack of Post-It stick notes. And I've been using them like crazy. o_o. Usually, whenever I have a thought, I would just try to keep it in my mind. However, 99% of the times, I would forget about it. So, a solution to my problem was to write down the thoughts on Post-It notes. And so far, they've been working. c:. The thoughts include ideas for new blog posts too. :p. So ye. I think Post-It notes are very convenient and awesome. :D. Props to whoever created them. :p. 
You know. To be quite frank, I never know what to put in a holiday post. o_o. Like "Happy Presidents' Day of 2013." Lool. Usually, I just post facts about the holiday and why it was established. o_o. Half of the times, I just wing the posts. Lolwings. :p. If you want to see certain things in certain holiday posts, let me know by commenting in the Comments section below! :D. I'm taking suggestions. :p. 
Okay. So whenever I'm walking alone, I always wonder where I'm supposed to look. Am I supposed to look in front of me or down on the ground? o_o. Sometimes, when I'm looking in front of me, I make awkward eye contact with strangers. I don't know how to describe it. But it's just... awkward. .-. (I don't have anything against strangers, but it's just awkward.). So, most of the times, I just stare at the ground while walking. o_o. 
Oi. It really sucks how more than 50% of a chip bag is air. -_-. Like seriously. Whenever I open a bag of chips, I always find it annoying that the amount of chips is so little. .-. Chip companies should make it 90% chips and 10% air, at the very least. The way they're doing it is like selling a half-empty milk jug. Would we buy half-empty milk jugs for the price of a full one? Probably not. So, the chips companies owe us more chips in a bag and less air in it or cheaper chip bags. (Including both those options would be awesome. c:.). 
Also, today is Nicloaus Copernicus's 540th birthday. :D. Happy Birthday, Nicolaus! He was a Polish Renaissance astronomer and arithmetician who created a model of our solar system. He theorized that our solar system was heliocentric (meaning, all the planets were circling the Sun), rather than geocentric (meaning, all things were circling Earth). In the end, he was correct. :D. Yayy. Loool.  
Happy Presidents' Day of 2013. :D. Today is a day to honor all of the past presidents. :D. *salutes them.*. Thanks for serving our country and guiding it! It always falls on the 3rd Monday of February. Just a random fact there. :p. On the other hand, WOOHOO! No school. :p. 
Oi. I'm in quite a big dilemma right now. .-. The effects of procrastination are catching up to me. :c. Does anyone have a good method to stop procrastination? Any tips? Thanks. :).