Spring Break is finally here. :D. Which is good and bad. Loooooooooooooool. I think this was a break that I really needed, because of all the homework/ projects that were assigned and stuff. Luckily, I finished all my homework and projects and submitted them in. And no new assignments were assigned. Lolyay. :'D. So that means a full week of no stress. :D. Looooool. I'm going to be blogging and such. I believe I will have the new update finished, by the end of Spring Break. (Note: I have been working on the new update, bits and bits of it, but I haven't published/ finished it yet. Loooooooooool. So you guys and girls have something to look forward too. :'D.).
Sigh. I had a pretty bad day today. :/. Well, mostly in the morning, that is. Lol. So like today I had a math quiz. And I think I made some careless mistakes. e_e. Especially on the last problem... Which was worth a whopping 4 points... Sigh... So that pretty much ruined my whole day. :/. So that was on my mind for a long while. And it still is on my mind. And I'm worried. :/. Sighh. I wish I could redo that quiz. :/. It was such a careless mistake.

↑ I wanted to do that. I was just so pissed off. e_e. Anyways, moving on.
The rest of the day was pretty much normal. But I think after school was pretty fun. Tonight is Open House. And so I was helping my teachers. It was fun because of 2 main reasons. 1. My friends were there and we were chilling. :D. 2. I won't go into detail about this second reason. ♥. Loooooooooooool. My rushed science project got into the Science Fair. :D. Lolyay.
And Spring Break is next week. I think I need that week off, a lot. Loooooooool. Just a break. :p. So I'll be blogging a lot next week. :D. (Probably about boredomness. But at least it's a break. :p.).
Edit: My shoes are wearing out too... And they're semi-new ish. e_e. Like this bottom part is coming off... They're just like 2 weeks old. Bleh. But I superglued the piece back. :D. Hopefully, it will stay in place. ._________.
Oi. I've got a quiz tomorrow to study for. And there's a group project due on Friday. It doesn't seem like much, but there is a lot of pressure put on us. Lol. It wasn't fair that the other classes got the assignment (group project) a week earlier. e_e. Lol. Any tips on making perfectly measured 3 dimensional figures?
WOOT. I owned my science project. I finished it yesterday. And presented today, LIKE A BOSS! Loooooooooool. And I pwned. ;D. Lol. I was only given 8 days to rush the science project, due to technical difficulties in my last project. My last project cost me a month's worth of time. Bleh. Oh wells. What's done is done. ANYWAYS, I'm just here to say that I'M BACK!!! Lool. I probably will have more time to blog now. (Well, maybe not. Looooooooool. Still have lots of homework and a shape project... Lol.). I am going to blog more often again. And yeah. :D. Lolyay.~
This is a post that I'm posting right now. :o. Looooooooooooooool. Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I've been busy with rushing a science project and homework. Lol. ._. I hope I will get to finish in time. /Stupid malfunctions in my first project. Lol. Oh wells.
(Oh by the way, I'm working on the new update right now. But it'll probably be released next week. Because I can only work on some parts of it right now, because I'm busy. Lol.).
Gah. I have horrid Internet connection today. Bleehh. I strongly dislike it when this happens. >_> Why is this even happening? I don't see any problems. Darn it. Stupid cheap Internet plan. Lololol. So um. Let me add a few GIFs to make this post longer. :D. Looooooooooooooooooool.
Looooooool. Enjoy the random GIFs. :D. And to make this post even longer, I'm going to have a brief explanation why I "chose" these GIFs. Lolol. Cute penguin sleeping. (Pretty much self-explanatory. Lolol.).  :p. Okay the 2nd one was just epic. It is a Charizard. I just had to include it. Lolol. And as for the last one... I felt nostalgic. Lolol. Original Pokemon ftw forever and always.~
Happy first day of Spring! :D.
(Gah. Sorry, I won't be blogging much for the next few days, because I've got a science project to rush. I didn't have a choice to finish it early, because some thing went horribly wrong in my first project and I was forced to switch to a new project. So yeah. :/. I was working on the new update too. :(. Sorry. Hopefully, I'll finish in time. :/.).
Today was an interesting (ish) day. Lolol. My coach for P.E. is so pro at tennis. Lolol. ._. We were practicing some things for tennis, and he made it look easy, but when we actually got to do it, it was hard, in a sense. Lolol. And then the coach did some fancy moves at the end of P.E. ._. I'm jelly. Lolol. Then at lunch, a game of basketball. 5 v.s. 5. At first, it was pretty good. However, people started piling in and screwed up the game. Blehhh. I only kept track of the score to 26 - 26. Lolol. So, I guess it was a tie. o_o. After the game ended, this one kid on my team kept complaining about how he never got to get the ball. And I was telling him how it was his fault for not trying hard enough. Because whenever he's playing, he's either: never open or distracted. And he never makes an effort to go after the ball. He was just walking around like an idiot. Ugh. And he wonders why people don't let him play in their basketball games. Lolol.
Sadly, I was feeling a little sad today. I have to redo my whole science project. And finish it within 7 days (not counting today). (Read this post, to find out why.).
Gah. Some thing went horribly wrong on my science project. Sadly, I know have to rely on my last resort. Bleh. I don't like using last resorts. Lolol. So, I gotta rush a whole science project in like 7 days (not counting today, since I just set up the experiment.). Thank the gods and goddesses the experiment only takes like 3 - 5 days to finish. Lolol. I'll use that time to do the other parts of the science project. :/. But I'm kind of sad. I really wanted to do a science project on my first idea. But it failed. :/. Oh wells. Lol. Here goes. *stretches.*. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish in time... .___.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day! :D. (Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I've been busy with projects and homework. Blehhh. And I wanted to update the site too. T_T. I'll try to do it when I'm not busy.).