Happy Easter of 2013. :D. Easter is the holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. :o. Common Easter customs and activities include egg-hunting, Easter parades, and appearances of the Easter Bunny. :D. What do you do to celebrate Easter? :o. Feel free to tell me about your own traditions by commenting in the Comments section below! :D. Alright. Here are some fun facts about Easter. :D.
Fun Easter Facts: 
• Easter will fall on April 20 next year.
• 76% of Americans prefer to take a bite out of chocolate bunnies' ears when eating them.
• More than 700 million Peeps (Omge. Those yellow candies. c:.) are eaten during Easter. 
• For some Americans, Easter is the second most important holiday... to eat candy! LOL.
• More than 16 billion jelly beans are made for Easter. 
Read about more Easter fun facts here
Yay for fun facts! :D. Do you have any fun facts about Easter? If you do, feel free to share them by commenting in the Comments section below! :D. I always enjoy reading fun facts. :p. Have a nice Easter everyone! :D.
Happy Last Day of March 2013! :o. Wow. Time seems to be flying by really quickly. At this point in time, it's kind of a bad thing for me. :c. The faster time passes by,  the less time I'll have to prepare for important tests and whatnot. D:. Anyways, this month has been a decent month. o_o. Quite busy (I swear, I say this every month. LOL.), but it was pretty decent.  Like stated above, the month passed by pretty quickly. I felt as if I didn't do much in the month, yet so many events had taken place. :x. Lool. 
It was kind of weird to have Spring Break in the middle of March. But it was a definitely well-needed break. :D. I had plenty of rest during that week. :p. Although, I apologize for not working on the update. ;_;. I guess I got a little too carried away with resting. Haha... The last week of March was kind of refreshing. Being back in school and all. And it was pretty chill. The workload wasn't that much. (Although, it's starting to get bigger and bigger. :c.). So like yeah. :p. 
Happy Easter! :D. (Don't worry. It'll have its own post. :p.). Let's all enjoy the last hours of the month of March! :D. 
Happy April Fools' Day's Eve. :D. 
Omgeeee. That's so cute. c:. (You can click to the picture to see a larger version of it. :p.). Bunnies. :D. Just in time for Easter. Haha. :). They look like big cotton balls. c:. *fanqurl scream.*. I want a bunny now. LOL. 
You know how in TV shows/ movies, students give their teacher(s) an apple sometimes? o_o. I'm wondering why. When has it been established that an apple was a thing to give teachers? o_o. Why apples? Why not pears? Or blueberries? Or bunnies? o_o. 
Sometimes, I feel sorry for parallelograms. :c. In math class, you've probably learned that the area of a parallelogram is the product of its base and height. A = bh. When you learn that concept, textbooks usually show that parallelograms are rectangles with a rearranged triangle in the lesson. o_o. And to show that, they cut off a piece of a parallelogram and rearrange it to make it look like a rectangle. And so, what if the parallelograms don't want to become rectangles, huh? D:. They have feelings too. :c. So like yeah. .__. Save the parallelograms. :D. 
Happy Easter Day's Eve. :D.
(I kind of didn't want to post another "Random Thoughts" post yet because I felt as if I posted those posts too often. LOL. I get a lot of random thoughts at times. .-. So, this post came up. :p. Although, you will be seeing another "Random Thoughts" post quite soon. Loool. I hope you like them though. .__.).
To me, wearing sweatshirts can be a pain sometimes. .__. Well, not exactly pain-pain. But like. There are some things that irritate me when I wear them. Typically, I don't like wearing sweatshirts because of the following reasons: 
• it's kind of "difficult" to take them off and put them on quickly 
• When it's hot, you have to take them off. (Sorry, couldn't word this better. :x. I'll explain below. :p.).
• Taking them off kind of messes up your hair and makes you looked disheveled a bit.
So like, sweatshirts/ sweaters don't have zippers. And so, I find putting them on a bit "harder" and time-consuming. Taking them off can be a pain too. When you have to take them off, it's kind of hard to take them off without messing up your hair or like making you look disheveled. Usually, your shirt kind of goes up with the sweater and that's kind of annoying. :c. Without a zipper, sweatshirts/ sweaters don't give the option of keeping them "half-on" when it's warm. (Like jackets with zippers allow you to unzip them so that you can keep the jacket on, but not feel too hot. :D.). So, it kind of sucks when you have a sweatshirt on. And it's too hot to keep it on, but too cold to take it off. .-. Those are just some of my cons of wearing sweatshirts/ sweaters. :p. 
It's sad how some sweatshirts have a really nice designs. ;_;. But I think I'll be wearing a sweatshirt more often now because I purchased one with my school's name and everything on it. c:. School pride! :D.
Feel free to tell me your thoughts by commenting in the Comments section below! :D.
Happy Good Friday. :D.
Speaking from experience, I really don't like lending items to people. -_______-. Honestly. In general, I really don't have good experience with letting people borrow my items, unfortunately. T_T. Usually, I don't allow people I'm not close with to borrow my items. (Note: When I say "items", I'm typically referring to like stationery items, such as pencils and whatnot. :p.). Because all my experiences of letting people I'm not close with to borrow my items have not turned out quite well. e_e. So, nowadays, I usually just let my close friends or BFFs borrow items. :D. Unfortunately, sometimes, some of my friends don't quite treat items nicely. .__.
For the most part, these are the main problems I have with letting certain people borrow my items:
• some people don't don't treat borrowed items as they would treat their own items
• some people are irrespon
As in:
• they just carelessly use your item, without caring for it
And it kind of annoys me. :/. I don't like it when that happens, which is why I don't typically let people borrow my items. Sometimes, certain people even lose items that they borrowed from me. -___-. 
Honestly, I just let some people (like people who aren't my close friends or BFFs.) borrow my items from time to time because I would feel bad if I said "no" when I really did have the needed item. When that does happen, I just usually hope for the best. :/. Sigh. 
(And if you're going like, "Omg. It's just a pencil. Get over it. -__-." when I refer to people losing pencils and everything. Well, it's not so much losing the pencil that bugs me, most of the time. It's the concept of disrespecting other people's property and being irresponsible that irritates me the most. I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't like someone losing a valuable item that you own. So yeah.). 
Do you like lending items to people? Feel free to share your experiences, both good and bad, by commenting in the Comments section below. :).
Gah. Why are some ideas so temperamental? T_T. (I hope I'm using the word correctly. o_o.). I swear, the likelihood of me coming up with good ideas when I actually need them is like close to 0. T_T. It's kind of sad, really. o_o. My good ideas always come to me at random times. (Most of the times, they come to me when I don't need them. ;_;. Like seriously.). Sometimes, it's a good thing. But for the most part, it's a rather irritating thing. :c.
For example. Here's a random situation: 
Let's say I'm required to draw some pictures for something. During the time that I'm given, my mind is like blank. o_o. I'm unable to think of what I should draw. And so, my picture ends up very plain. However, after I turn it in, there are typically 2 scenarios. I either:
• come up with really good things to draw (Even though I'm not the best artist in the world, just coming up with ideas is good enough for me. :p.).
• my mind stays blank. 
Have you ever been in a situation like that before? T_T. 
I swear, some of my ideas can be such trolls sometimes. Like they would come to me at the most random times ever. Sometimes, I would wake up at night/ morning during the time that I'm sleeping. (I don't know why. Maybe to use the restroom or something.). Let's say it's like 2:30 A.M. And like I would come up with some good thoughts to blog about. ;_;. I would always have to decide whether to get up and like write them down or hope that I remember them when I wake up. Post-It notes are awesome in these situations. (Like how I explained before in a previous blog post.). 
All in all, I just hope that my ideas come to me when I need them. ;_;. Although, sometimes, random ideas at random times can be a good thing. ;).
When does a conversation end? To end or not to end. That is the question that I came up with like 2 seconds ago. LOL. But seriously. When does a conversation exactly end? Or rather. When should a conversation end? o_o. I'm curious. Cause sometimes, I'm just talking to the person endlessly. (At times, I don't mind that.). But I'm just thinking, like: "When should this conversation end? Should I end it? o_o. Or would that be too abrupt/ rude? ._." Or something like that. Lool. Feel free to tell me your thoughts by commenting in the Comments section below! :D. 
Corn Nuts. :o. Are they pieces of corn? Are they nuts? :o. What are they exactly? ;_;. "Ingredients: Corn, Corn Oil, Salt." ~ Wrapper of Original Corn Nuts. So, does that mean that they're more corn-e than nut-e? o_o. The world may never know. Loljkjk. 
Dayum. I never knew that there were so many flavors of Corn Nuts. o_o. I want to try them all now. ;_;. 
Gah. More cravings now. .___. During school, one of my friends mentioned something about Hi-Chew and now I crave some. .___. I swear. You can never have enough of these. ;_;. They're so good. :c. Someone go get me some nao please. .___. 
You know. I wonder what fishes or aquatic animals think of when they see humans/ animals on land. o_o. 
I find it strange that I always get a burst of random thoughts. o_o. Like when I conjure up ideas for these "Random Thoughts" posts, I always think up of multiple thoughts at a time. Never one single one by itself, at a given moment. o_o. Is it strange? o_o. But I guess more thoughts = longer post. And longer post = happier reader, right?! ._. 
(No, I do not mean "distracting" as a verb. I'm using it as an adjective.).
These past few weeks, I've been quite busy with homework/ studying for tests and quizzes/ whatnot. And it really irritates me when people bother me when I'm busy. (Well, it depends on the situation. But yeah.). Like I'm busy doing work and then a person would just come up to me and start talking about whatever. Normally, I wouldn't mind that. Because talking to others can be a fun way to pass time. :D. However, when I'm pressed for time, I don't like that. 
Also, I don't like it when people bother people in my group when group work is supposed to be done. Sometimes, friends of my group members just interrupt and start socializing with my group members. Like wtf. Just because you're done with something doesn't mean you get to bother others. And that really irritates me. e_e. Sigh. 
 2 things. 
1. Sorry for that "scary" picture above. o_o. I couldn't find a better picture of a distracting person/ thing. o_o.
2. Sorry for not blogging. I've been kind of "busy" ish. Well, actually, more tired than busy. :p.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day of 2013. :D.
Edit on 3/20/13: 
I didn't feel like making a new post because I thought I didn't have enough content. :c. But. HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING. :D. That's a good thing and a  bad thing. :x. To me, it's mostly a bad thing. My favorite season is winter because I like the cold. Now, it's going to get warmer and warmer. D:. Ohwells. :p. Feel free to tell me your thoughts by commenting in the Comments section below! :D.
Happy White Day of 2013. :D. What exactly is "White Day?" :o. It's a holiday. However, it isn't a worldwide holiday, unfortunately. D:.  It's mostly celebrated in Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan. :o. For Valentine's Day, most of the time, qurls give guys chocolate as expressions of love/ confessions/ signs of appreciation/ etc. (In those countries, that is.). White Day is the day where guys return the favor by giving qurls gifts, which are usually white-themed. (Like white chocolate and whatnot. :p.). In some cultures, Valentine's Day is the day where qurls confess to guys. And White Day is the day where guys give the answer to the qurls' confessions. :o. 
Personally, I believe this holiday is quite interesting. :p. I really love the Japanese culture. c:. I found out about White Day by watching anime. LOL. Researching about certain holidays and learning the histories about them is really interesting. :). Feel free to tell me your thoughts about this holiday by commenting in the Comments section below! :D.