NigaHiga + Transformers Revenge of the Fallen = Movies In Minutes Transformers Revenge of the Household Objects
NigaHiga + Harry Potter = Movies In Minutes Harry Potter
Like NigaHiga and Twilight?!
Why not have BOTH!!! :D
Like NigaHiga and Twilight New Moon?!
Why not have BOTH!!! (AGAIN)
The Things That Created Google Chrome! LOL. :D
1. Webcam
2. Pokeball
3. Firefox Logo
4. Simon
5. Google Logo
(going from left to right)

The End
 P.S. You now know what things made Google Chrome.
Spring Break Day 1: Bored
Spring Break Day 2: Boredomness
Spring Break Day 3: Bored 2 Death :(
Spring Break Day 4: California Science Center
Spring Break Day 5: Laser Tag :D and the end of Spring Break :(