Happy Last Day of May 2013. Uh. I don't think this post will be very long. I'm just not in the mood for writing a long blog post right now. I do apologize for that. This month has been a very memorable one to me. Many events have taken place. However, all things eventually have to come to an end. Today marks the end of a grand adventure for me. Goodbyes are often very hard to do. Unfortunately, I'm in the phase where I'm in denial right now. Things have ended, but they don't seem like they did. Reality will hit me straight in the face soon though. From an optimistic point of view, a new adventure with limitless possibilities may be just around the corner! :D. 
Enjoy the last day of May. Let's all hope for a great month of June! :D. 
(↑ Here's a picture of roses. Why? Because I like roses. Lool. They're my favorite type of flowers. :p. I really love how each color has a different meaning. I also love how I can put their meanings to good use too. ♥.).
Hello, everyone. Happy Memorial Day of 2013. Let's take moment of silence to remember all those who have lost their lives while serving and protecting our country. I would like to thank all those who fought for our country to make it as wonderful as it is today. Without all the soldiers, this country wouldn't be like what it is today. We all owe the soldiers appreciation and respect. Those who have passed away during battles, I hope that they rest in peace. Their deaths have not been in vain. Personally, I respect all soldiers for their bravery, dedication, and strength. It's amazing how amazing people can be. I really appreciate what soldiers do for us, everyday citizens of this wonderful country. Again, happy Memorial Day of 2013. Have a nice one.~
Sometimes, it's hard to be happy for others, such as your friends, spouses, family members, crushes, and etc, when they win a position that you've always wanted. This occurred to me because I recently watched the season finale of The Big Bang Theory. So, you can thank my past experiences and the last episode of the sixth season of The Big Bang Theory for this post. :D. Lool. For the most part, I'm a person who doesn't like to lose in competitions and stuffies like that, under normal circumstances. And like no matter how much I want to feel happy for a person who defeats me in something that I've always wanted to win, I just find it hard to do so. (Many of you guys and qurls can relate to this, right? ._.). I guess it's just hard to accept defeat sometimes. 
Sometimes, I overthink things and imagine that I will fail. And the pain of failure isn't great. :/. Because of that, I don't try to do things that I really want to do. But then I remind myself to at least try-whether giving it my 120% or just half-heartily doing so. Because having regrets isn't fun. 
Typically, I'm a pessimist, but for now, I'll be an optimist. So, uh. *tries to sound inspirational/ motivational *. LOL. Have you ever heard "Try" by P!nk? It's a pretty inspirational song. At least, in my opinion. In it, P!nk sings, "Just because it burns, doesn't mean you're gonna die, you've gotta get up and try try try." (Just for the record, if it burns too much, you probably will die. ._. So uh, avoid being physically burned. :D.). If you're in fear of the pain of failing, forget about it. Don't overthink it. Just do it. Cause the pain from the regret of not doing something is far greater than the pain of doing something and then failing. (Well, for the most part.). Sometimes, you just gotta take a chance and try. 
Steve Jobs once said, "Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Almost everything-all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure-these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the bets way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart." I really like that quote because of how true it is. Always follow your heart. If you don't, you're going to regret it one day. Forget all the painful things because they will all fall in the face of death. 
And now, to add a little bit of SAO into this post. LOL. Just cause I'm fanqurling over it at the moment. :p. Did Kirito give up after he and Asuna died in the battle against Heathcliff? No, he didn't. He defied the SAO system, came back alive, and took down Kayaba Akihiko for the sake of everyone. 
Well, I hope reading this post has motivated some of you to do the good things you were hesitant to do before. Like asking your crush out to a date, applying for a summer job, auditioning for a part, and whatnot. :p. Feel free to comment in the Comments section below to tell me your experiences. :).
Note to self: I think I should listen to my own advice sometimes. LOL.
I have never understood why people refuse to buy new shoes at the end of the school year even though they really need a new pair. o_o. Unfortunately, it's that time of year again. The school year's about to end and some people question why they should buy new shoes. Personally, I don't understand these dilemmas involving purchasing new shoes. o_o. I thought that these types of problems should be easily resolved. Think about it. If your shoes are broken and you're in need of new shoes, then buy new shoes. If you don't need new shoes, then don't buy new shoes. o_o. Isn't that simple? It probably isn't a life-or-death choice kind of thing. .__. 
Seriously. A person still needs to wear shoes during the summer time. Well, unless, you wear different shoes or just go barefoot outside. (I really do not recommend the latter.). In that case, why not just buy a pair of shoes that you can also wear during summer time? Usually, I just wear a pair of running/ tennis shoes because they're so versatile and comfortable. (Well, the level of comfort you feel really depends on the shoe you buy. And the feeling can vary from person to person. Soo, yeah.). You never know when you need to run, so better safe than sorry. :p.
I really don't understand certain people's needs to own entire collections of shoes. Personally, I usually only own 2 pairs of shoes at a time: running/ tennis shoes for everyday use and dress shoes for special occasions. Sometimes, I have own a pair of walking shoes just cause I don't feel like wearing my running/ tennis shoes during certain times. 
So, yeah. o_o. I hope this post has helped some people with their shoe-y problems. LOL. Or not. ._. If you need new shoes, go buy them now, qurlll. :p. If not, feel free to comment in the Comments section below or like read other blog posts or enjoy life or something! :D.   
I was browsing through Yahoo news articles and this particular article caught my eye. (Link: http://games.yahoo.com/blogs/plugged-in/australian-uses-angry-birds-pop-204714554.html.) 
I thought it was really interesting for him to propose that way. I thought it was ingenious and sweet. :o. Whenever I read these types of things, I always feel touched. It's amazing how creative some people can be. Also, big props to Rovio for helping the guy out! :D. Yay for helpful companies! 
All in all, I wish for their everlasting happiness. :D.
Recently, I was replaying Pokemon Emerald. And I noticed one major plot-hole thing. o_o. Or conspiracy. Or er-whatever-you-want-to-call-it. o_o. In the beginning of the game, you help Wally catch a Ralts. I believe it was only level 5. And it was Wally's first and only Pokemon. At level 5, Ralts only knows Growl, a status-affecting move. So, now I'm curious. How does he train it exactly? o_o. Does he teach it a TM move or something? o_o. 
Recently, I just watched The Great Gatsby. I thought it was an okay movie. Because Tobey Maguire once played the role of Spider-Man, the entire movie, I was like, "USE YOUR SPIDEY POWERS, PETER PARKER. D:." Loool. c:. I thought some scenes were pretty funny. Like when Jay Gatsby got nervous when Nick was going to invite Daisy over. 
Gatsby: "I'm uh going to cut my grass." 
And then later, he's like.
Gatsby: "What grass."
LOL. :p.
My thoughts right now.
Happy Mother's Day of 2013. :D. This post and day is dedicated to all the mothers in the world! :D. Wait, scratch that. Universe*. Lool. :p. Whatttt. Just in case there are like extraterrestrial beings or something. :x. First off, I would like to thank all the mothers in the world! Without them, we wouldn't be here. Seriously. Moms are just truly amazing. Their unconditional love for their children always touch my heart. Moms take care of us, nurture us, and unconditionally love us. They're pretty much real-life heroines. o_o. At least, in my opinion. c:. We should always love our moms, no matter what day it is. Therefore, it should be Mother's Day, every day. :D. 
Feel free to share what you did for your mom on Mother's Day by commenting in the Comments section below. :D.
Side-notes: Sorry for not blogging recently. Yeah. I know. My blog looked really empty for a week or so. :c. I wasn't feeling very well, both mentally and physically. 
Also, to everyone who has studied Geometry before: Did anyone notice that today's date can be the measures of the legs of a right triangle? It's a Pythagorean Triplet. 5^2 + 12^2 = 13^2. (^2 means squared or to the second power.) I just found that interesting. :).
Exactly what the title says. I'm feeling sick. -_-. It's such a terrible feeling. Wait. That doesn't even describe it justice. I'm feeling excruciating pain at this moment. (Okay. That might be exaggerating it. But I am feeling some pain, unfortunately.). Let's rewind a bit. Around 3 and a half weeks ago, I somehow got sick. I don't know what the cause of my sickness was, but I got sick. It started out like the common cold. I had a stuffy nose and a slight cough. I felt that my immune system could handle it. Heck, I didn't even really feel THAT sick. Just an occasional cough. I was feeling fine and everything. I took some over-the-counter medicine to suppress the symptoms. And I felt that I was going to get well really soon. My next thought after that was, "Nope, I thought too soon. ;_;." 
 The sickness stayed with me for 3 weeks. It wasn't so bad. I was coughing more frequently and had a stuffy nose more often. But it was bearable. As soon as I thought that I was going to get better, my sickness became more severe. My sore throat made it hard to swallow and it was painful. So, I went to the doctor. And I got medicine. Yay for doctors. Unfortunately, the medicine's effects didn't really help at first. In fact, I felt as if I was coughing MORE than before. (By "before", I mean before I started taking the medicine.) However, it did relieve my sore throat and stuffy nose. Soooooo. It was okay. 
Yesterday wasn't a very good day for me. Well, at least, I wasn't feeling so well. During the day time, I felt kind of weak and dizzy at times. And so, at night, I went to sleep early. Or at least, I ATTEMPTED to sleep early. I went to bed at around 10:00 p.m, after reading a book for a while. However, I kept tossing and turning in bed for around 40 minutes. So, I got up and decided to read more. It was around 11:20 p.m., before I decided to try to sleep again. When I did, I wasted around 30 minutes just laying there. During the entire time, I was just coughing in rapid succession. One cough after another, without stop in a certain interval. It was just keeping me up the entire time. So, I eventually gave up on trying to sleep. So, I got up and just started reading my book again, while coughing crazily. 
Soon, I got tired and just laid in bed for a while. It was around 1:30 a.m. I was just in bed, wide awake due to my annoying cough, albeit being exhausted and weak. I was really irritated at my sickness at this point. So, I just laid there in the dark for an hour or two. And I believe I finally fell asleep at around 3:20 a.m. However, the amount of sleep I received wasn't a lot. I was rudely awoken by my cough at around 5:10 a.m. Strangely enough, I was wide awake. Still coughing, I just decided to get up and just read. 
And so, my morning wasn't so great. I had a math quiz today. I believe I studied well. I reviewed all the concepts and everything. Unfortunately, my head wasn't clear. I was unable to think straight and rationalize well. And so, I was just taking my quiz with a "foggy" mind. I believe I made a lot of careless mistakes. I believe I even got a few answers correct, but then changed them. I don't even know why I changed them. And I'm just so frustrated at myself right now. Sigh. It's so irritating to lose your ability to think and cogitate well. =_=. 
Personally, it felt kind of good to post a blog post like this. I haven't done one like this in a while, where the post just consists of events from my life. I might do this more often. I apologize if these posts aren't as interesting as my other posts, however. :x. Hopefully, you'll enjoy them. Because for the most part, they're pretty easy to relate to. :p. 
↑ My exact thoughts right now. e_e.
Oi. For the past few days, it's been very hot in my area. Scratch that. "very hot" doesn't describe it accurately. It was so hot that everything became engulfed in the heat and melted. ;_;. (+1 for exaggeration? :D. Exaggeration can make things more interesting at times. c:). In all seriousness, it was pretty hot in my area. Personally, I'm not a fan of the hot weather. (I've probably mentioned that a lot in previous posts. :p.). And let me tell you. Having to wear a suit & tie (by Justin Timberlake. Lol. I had to do that. :p.) during the hot weather was not fun at all. e_e. I swear. I would take like two steps and then start sweating. Like wtf. -__-. Unfortunately, summer's coming and I guess we all will just have to suffer the heat. ;_;. I really miss the winter weather. ;_;. Winter, please come back. :(. 
Luckily, the weather appears to be cooling down next week. I hope the forecasts are correct. .___. 
Also, happy Star Wars Day. :D. May the 4th be with you. :).
Would be a great way to confess.
So, I was watching this video and listening to "A Hero Will Rise." And I saw this comment. 
"Through action, a Man becomes a Hero.
Through death, a Hero becomes a Legend.
Through time, a Legend becomes a Myth. 
And by learning from the Myth, a Man takes action." ~ Savo Debeljak.
I thought it was just awesome and inspirational. This is quite true, for most cases. Props to Savo Debeljak for coming up with the quote. :D. If you have a nice quote that you created personally, feel free to share it with me by commenting in the Comments section below! :D. You'll receive a shoutout, as well as your very own section, in the next Random Thoughts post! :D. 
Lesson you learn from watching this video: 
Never use an elevator when you have to go the restroom really badly. 
Mother father gentleman! :D.
In various manga(s) and anime(s), there are characters who can just read other characters' minds. And they're like almost always correct! (Sometimes, certain characters just pretend that the mind-reader's words were incorrect. :c.). I'm so jelly of the characters who have that ability. If I had one superpower, I would probably choose the power to read minds. Because of how versatile and useful it is. c:. (But if I had a choice of doing this, I would choose the power of being omnipotent, which includes the power of mind-reading. Total. Win. >:D.). 
Happy second day of May. :D.
Happy first day of May 2013! :D. (Also, happy Golden Week for the people in Japan! :D.). Asd;flkja;slkdjf;laksjd;flkja;sldkjf. *paniks.*. .___. *hyperventilates.* Time is just passing by too quicklyyyyyyyyyyyy. D:. I swear, one day, it's going to be the first day of May. The next day, it's going to be the last day of May. ;_;. Time needs to clam down and slow down, in my opinion. .____. 
Well, anyways, now that it's May. The weather is going to be accacablahblahing hot, even though it technically won't be summer until June 21st. -____-. In fact, it's going to be like 98 degrees this Friday in my area. (I'mma die from the heat. ;_;.). This is a reason why I don't miss summer. My favorite season is winter because I like the cold. It's very irritating when you just take a step outside and then you start to sweat, just because it's THAT hot outside. e_e.
Do you have any expectations for the new month? :o. Feel free to tell me about them by commenting in the Comments section below! :).
Let's all have a great month of May, regardless of the terrible weater! :D.
(↑ I know, the picture's dates don't match up with the current dates. I just liked the picture. c:.).