Haii. It's been awhile. Looool. I didn't really have any good ideas for a blog post, so I didn't really post. :(. Lol. And nothing interesting happened to me, sadly. :/. Anyways, happy last day of June.~
Okay. So like, I generally don't like posts when people go like "YOLO" during a bad time and all. And I don't want to sound hypocritical, but just make this an exception please. Lol. So like, many of you know the manga/ anime, Naruto, right? :o. I hope so. Looool. Well, I was watching old episodes of Naruto, when I came across this:
You might think that I edited this picture, but that is incorrect. That is the direct translation from the Japanese words. I would find the episode for proof, but I can't quite seem to remember which one it was. (Like seriously. I can't find it when I need it. But when I don't need it, I watch that episode like a billion times. -_-. Like wtf.). Anyways, if I find the episode number, I'll edit this post and you guys and qurls can watch the episode for yourselves. c:. (It was the episode where the 3rd Hokage was talking to the kids in the academy on the rooftop of the Hokage building when Iruka was teaching. Lol. And how he was saying that the people of Konoha  are important to him. So yeah. Lol.). And I'll try to find the manga version of this. Looool. 
But I just thought this was interesting. Looooool. 
Omgeee. Messenger bags are awesome. I'm cereal. Lol. So, like last week, I bought a messenger bag. :D. Because I needed it for summer school. You might be thinking, "Why? o_o. Just use a backpack." Well, I wanted to use a messenger bag for the following reasons: 
• Messenger bags are generally smaller than backpacks. I don't have a lot of items needed for summer school, so they all fit into a messenger bag. And carrying a light backpack feels really weird. o_o. Maybe it's just me, but meh. Lol.
• I never used a messenger bag before. So, I wanted to try something new. 
• My backpack, that was used during the school year, is kind of worn out. And like there aren't really a lot of good backpacks out at stores right now because it's not during the school year. So, I can't really get a new one. 
• Messenger bags are awesome. This reason is self-explanatory. Loooooool. 
And that's pretty much it. :p. 
If you are taking a class that doesn't require much materials for you to bring, I recommend buying a messenger bag. Loooooool. 
Sigh. If only life was that simple...
Omgeee. Did you notice in the title that there are two 2's? :D. Loooooool. Sorry, that was off topic. But anyways, here goes. As stated before, I was trying to finally defeat Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 once and for all. You can read about what happened before that motivated me to do so, here. Loool.
Well, guess what? I finally defeated it. >:D. I was like, "OMGEEEEE. FINALLY. LOOOL. :D. Partayyyy. :D. Um, okay. Now what? ._. Ohyey. Boring end credits. :D. Um, okay. Again, now what? ._.". Looooool. So that was it. Loool. Let me do something similar to the Part 1 of this post series. :p.
And it goes like this. ("Take me by the tongue and I'll know you. Kiss me 'til you're drunk and I'll show you. All the moves like Jagger. I've got the moves like Jagger. I've got moves like Jagger." ~ Maroon 5. Lool. Sorry, if you don't understand what I did there. Basically, because the "and it goes like this" part was a part of a song. And so I just continued the song in parentheses. ._. Lol. The song is Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5. c:. You saw this part from Part 1, remember? :D.):
Me: *defeats Bowser and wins the game.*. What now, game?! >:D.
Game: ...*speechless.*.
Me: I win this round, Game. Good game. Well played.
I guess this is...

                                                                            THE END.
(Well, I couldn't find a good GIF that had "The end." so I just made that. :/. Oh wells. You can see that the colors of the letters match the color of the website's logo. c:. The colors aren't perfect, since the colors used in the website's logo are glow colors. And these ones are just regular ones. Loooool. Thank you for reading this 2 part series
Note: This isn't my last blog post. Just saying. Lool. I will keep blogging. :p. It's just that this post series was a 2 part series and I thought that I might as well make the ending special. Loooool. So yeah. :p. Lol. 
Okay. So like I got bored and created the following GIF. Looooool. So like, I was watching a Naruto SD episode. And I thought a part was rather funny/ interesting, so I thought I'd share it with you guys and qurls. Loooooool. Enjoy. (Or not.). :p.
Omgeee. So like today's Naruto manga chapter was so good. c:. It was the 590th chapter of the great manga, Naruto. Looooool. A great manga chapter for a great day? Looool. Today is also the first day of summer. c:. This is like probably the only thing I like about summer vacation. I get to read manga in the morning. ^_^. Loooool. 
Anyways, this chapter was really great, in my honest opinion. It was really touching and emotional. Like Itachi shut down Edo Tensei and was trying to wrap everything up. He finally revealed the truth to Sasuke. And like it was touching how Shisui gave his eye to Itachi. And like how Itachi's parents didn't fight back with him because they know his reasoning. And like how Itachi made sure that no one was able to lay a finger on Sasuke. Itachi's a boss and an awesome brother. Loooooooool. And Itachi finally said what he had on his mind, which is shown on the picture below. That was the best part of the chapter. c:.
Omgeee. So like today is June 20th. And that means that today is the first day of Summer for 2012. :o. Which also means that today is the Summer Solstice. Looooooool. So like, happy first day of Summer 2012. :D. (Note: By "Summer", I mean the season, summer, not "summer vacation". Just saying. Looooool.).
Okayyy. So like, it feels like the length of a summer day is different from a "normal" day. Looooooooool. Personally, I really don't like the summer. Loooool. The weather is terrible. It's boring. Etc. Lol. And so, I think that causes me to feel that a summer day is twice as long as a normal day. ._. And so like there are 122 days of summer left instead of 61. Loooooooool. (See what I did there? :o.). I hope my summer vacation will get less boring. Looooool. 
Random thought: Whale + Tank = Deadly. :o.
And by tank, I mean: The green things that go pew pew pew and make things go boom. Loool. Not the "tank" that fishies swim in. c:. loooool. 
Happy Father's Day.~