Happy last day of June 2013, everyone! :D. How're all of you guys and qurls? :p. Enjoying the summertime? Haha. Well, almost 1/2 of my summer vacation is gone. :p. I just want to fast forward to the future right now because I wanna get all the tough beginnings over with. Lool. Ugh. Recently, in my area, it has been rather hot. I know it's summer and all, but I just can't take the heat. Bleh. I really miss the winter weather right now. T^T. I don't like how I start sweating, even though I'm not even doing activities that require a lot of energy and whatnot. D:. It's so annoying. >_>.
Overall, my month of June was decent. It was VERY boring, unfortunately. :p. I think today was the best day of the entire month. I had fun and I wasn't so bored. :D. Yay.
How's your summer going so far? :p. Feel free to tell me by commenting in the Comments section below. :). Until next time.~
Recently, I cleaned up everything. I had to get rid of a lot of things because they just sat there, accumulated, and hogged up precious space. D:. During the school year, I was always afraid of throwing away old assignments and whatnot because I might need them later. I always think of scenarios where my teachers would  ask for something we did in the first few months of school. Besides, I feel like they would ask for an old assignment right when I throw it away. ._. Like it might go down like this: 
Teacher: hai! How have you been over the years? I called you today because I wanted to ask you where your first assignment for me was. You never turned it in! 
Me: ...I graduated... like 20 years ago... But, I have it right here! >:D.
So yeah. o_o. Awkward situation. Loool. :p. Besides the fear of a teacher asking for an old assignment, I can't ever tell whether I might need a paper or something in the future. Because some of the assignments I do might help me in the future or act as a great reviewing tool or something. :x. 
Let's set all those problems aside. :p. (To be honest, I kind of drifted away from my original ideas for this post. LOL. No probs though. :p.). While I was cleaning up my stuffies, I felt very nostalgic. I remembered all the times, both good and bad. Sometimes, I wish I could relive some moments. :p. I hope the future will hold more great times.~
Question of the Week: (Well, I don't even know if I'm going to ask this on a weekly basis, to be honest. LOL. But I think it would sound weird if I just put "Question." ._.). If you had to confess to someone you really liked, how would you do it? Be sure to place a lot of details in your answer. ;D. Feel free to respond to this question by commenting in the Comments section below. :).
Somehow, I think I influence the speech patterns of people around me a lot. .__. Well, at least, their online speech patterns. :p. To be completely honest, I think I'm a pretty weird person. (I don't really mind being weird sometimes cause it makes me unique. c:.). And I use different spellings for some of the words I use online. Many you have already noticed that. Lool. Like I spell "Omg" as "Omgeee" and "Girl" as "Qurl". I don't know why I spell them like that. I just do. o_o. (Cause like sometimes, you just don't question some actions. LOL.).
To be honest, I slowly noticed this through the years, but it's been happening more rapidly recently. Loool. It's been more noticeable too. It's evident because more and more people have been pointing this out. Some of my friends feel like they're talking to me when they're talking to someone else. LOL. I think that's rather interesting. :p. So, all in all, I would like to think that I'm a speech pattern catalyst to the people close to me. :p.
(↑ Iunno why, but I think of crystals when the word "catalyst" pops up. :p.).
Question of the Day/Week: What is a trait that your ideal spouse must have? Feel free to answer by commenting in the Comments section below. :).
Hellooooooooo, everyone. :D. Happy first day of summer 2013. :D. For many of you, summer vacation probably started already. But it's rather strange, since summer only started today! So for the past few weeks, it has been like "spring vacation" for me. :p. (Oi. It's kind of hard to explain what I mean. I can't articulate my thoughts. Sorry if I confused some of you peeps. :x.).
Oi. The weather's going to get hotter and hotter. D:. Ew. I don't like the heat. :(. If only it could be winter weather year round. c:. To be honest, I want my summer vacation to pass by as quickly as possible. I'm bored all the time. Aa;lksjd;flkjadsf. Anyone have any suggestions for fun activities? :o.
 What are your summer plans? :o. Feel free to tell me by commenting in the Comments section below. :D. 
Also, today's the day that Berry Sweet achieved over 5,000 pageviews on her blog. :D. Congratulations! It was even more memorable for me because I was the 5,000th pageviewer. >:D. Here's a shoutout to her. :p. Yay for being awesome and having an awesome blog. :D. 
Hello, everyone. :D. Welp. Recently, Berry Sweet had made numerous changes to her blog. And so, she was talking to me about those stuffies. And then she made me go on a guilt trip, which caused me to start on the changes I promised last year. LOL. I apologize for the long delay. I truly was busy during the school year. :p. 
Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with a fancy name for the update, so I'm just going to call them "Various Modifications" or something. :p. I guess it's about the content, not the titles. Loool. But fancy titles are awesome. c:. Like it says in the post title, this is only the first part of the changes that are going to be made to this website. :p. Hopefully, you'll like the changes! 
I didn't feel like writing detailed update notes, so I'll just be listing the various changes made so far. +1 for laziness. :p. I'll also explain my reasons for making the changes.
Changes made as of 6/19/13:
• Various pages have been deleted. 
• The pages include: Multiplayer, Fun, and Google. 
• Due to popular request, I have fixed the problem with the sparkles, so they now freely flow. 
• The Meebo Bar has officially been removed. (Well, it has been gone for a while because Meebo closed down that feature after being acquired by Google.).
• (This really isn't a change, but I'm trying to promote this page, so yeah. LOL. :p.). New polls have been added to the Polls page! Go vote on them now! 
The pages that were removed didn't really have a purpose in this website, so I decided to delete them. The "Multiplayer" page was really just a page with an "OMGPOP" widget. The "Google" page only consisted of a search bar. The "Fun" page became buggy and glitched during the time I was on hiatus from this site. Due to those reasons, I fi
The changes don't seem like much, but I think they greatly impact the website. To me, the lack of pages make the website look so awkward. .___. But don't fear. I'll fix that soon. ;). (*hint hint.*.) Loool. 
Please feel free to give me feedback by commenting in the Comments section below or by sending me a Contact Form. I want to hear your honest opinions. :o. Your opinions DO matter. I will listen to the opinions and make changes according to that. Thanks for everything. :).
More changes will be...
May I have your attention everybody? :o. No? Well, too bad. LOLJK. Anyways, this is a public service announcement. Well, sort of. o_o. Berry Sweet recently changed the look of her blog! :D. (She also changed her favicon too, but I don't have a picture of her old one. :p. It was a penguin. Now, it's a flower. :p.). Here. I'll show you.
Overall, I like the change. :p. I think her blog is better off with a light blue color scheme because her original look consisted of a light blue color scheme and her title is "BLUEberrylol". :p. *emphasizing the "blue" part.*. Lool. I like how the blue compliments the white. I think it makes things easier to read. :p. What I also enjoy about her blog is that the link to this site is always at the top! >:D. Haha. A few of the fonts used in her blog have been changed. It's a subtle, but powerful change. :p. I like it when fonts are easy to read and nice-looking. :). 
What are your thoughts about this change? :o. Berry Sweet is looking for honest opinions. :p. Feel free to share your thoughts with me and Berry by commenting in the Comments section below. :). 
Whenever I come up with a new username or something, I always feel the need to change all of my accounts' usernames to that new one. >_>. And like I always get annoyed and embarrassed by how silly I find my previous username to be. .___. Like seriously. I always facepalm myself cause of how ridiculous I think my previous name was/ is. .-. I'm like, "Why did I even create that nickname... *facepalm.*." It's an annoying process. 
Sometimes, it takes me a couple of years to come up with a "good" username. Sometimes, it takes a couple of days. As;dkljf;alksjdf. Unfortunately, I can't change the username of some of my accounts, so then my desire to change it causes me to create a new account and start all over. o_e. Usually, the "embarrassment" is the catalyst of my yearning to change the usernames. 
But you know. Once every blue moon, I create a username that I don't ever regret making. "iamboredish" is an example of one of them. Over the past years, I've never regretted naming this site, "iamboredish." Perhaps, my thoughts will change as the present presses onto the future. I hope it won't, but I can't control my future thoughts. :p. However, I am proud for coming up with this site's domain name. :). iamboredish pride, ftw! :D.
Have you ever experienced the need to change all of your accounts' usernames (or something like that) before? Feel free to tell me your experiences by commenting in the Comments section below. :).
Happy Father's Day of 2013. :D. This post is dedicated to all the dads in the world. :D. If you're a a dad and you're reading this, then props to you. :D. To be honest, I think a father is a person who raises a child. A person can assist in creating a child, but that doesn't mean that he is a father. Because a person's uncle can be a father to the person. :o. That's just my opinion. :p. So um. What to write. What to write. LOL. Sometimes, I get stuck on writing these holiday posts. o_e. I find it interesting how Mother's Day vastly overshadows Father's Day. :p. Ohwells. Loool. What do you usually do for Father's Day? Feel free to tell me by commenting in the Comments section below. :p. 
HELLO EVERYONE. :D. I felt the compulsive need to to compose a blog post cause I haven't made one in a while. .__. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to blog about, so I couldn't blog. :(. But I guess this was a solution. Just writing a random blog post. :x. This is a... chicken wing. Loljk. This is a blog post with a terrible title. LOL. Um. Um. *tries to make this blog post as long as possible.*. Over the past two weeks, I've been very bored. What do you usually do when you're bored? I swear, this boredom is so painful. ;_;. I can't take being bored for so long. Please comment in the Comment section below to share your ideas of entertaining activities. :D. Thanks. :p.
Earlier, I was talking to Berry Sweet. She combined the notion of flowers and chocolate into chocolate flowers. It's an ingenious idea! It can show a person how much you like/ love him/ her because they're quite hard to make. c:. I gotta learn how to make these. LOL. Someone share me cooking skills please. :p. 
↑ Awh. I think that's so sweet. c:. 
Hello, everyone. :D. Well, it's one of these posts again. Time to list out some of my resolutions and promise to do them. :p. As you may know, I take these resolutions pretty seriously. In fact, unlike many people, I'm still keeping up with my New Year's Resolutions. :p. I enjoy these resolutions because they make me a better person. :). Don't worry. I'm always going to be myself. I just need to fix my many flaws. ;_;. I do admit to harboring bad habits and having many flaws. After all, I'm not perfect. So, I'd like to fix some of the major problems, taking a small step at at a time. :p. Before the new school year starts, I'd like to become a better person and fix these flaws. :). Here's my list of resolutions: 
• I need more confidence and courage. I really dislike how much of a coward I am. >_>. I wish I could redo some moments. My cowardliness really messed up some things. :/. I wish I could fix them. Sigh.  I just missed way too many opportunities because I lacked the courage and confidence to take them. I'm regretting that so much right now. After all, you reap what you sow. ._.
• I need to change how I'm like when I'm jealous of someone. Jealousy brings out the ugly side of people. ._. Sometimes, people don't deserve my contempt, but I treat them terribly because I'm jealous of them. It's unfortunate. Sigh.
• I think I need to be more friendly or more out-going. :p. I find it difficult to meet new people and make new friends, but I'd like to change that. After all, having friends is nice. :p.
• I need to become more humble and modest. Sometimes, I'm cocky and arrogant. I don't like it when others, or myself become like that. 
• Personally, I think honesty is the best policy. So, I need to be more honest with people and with my own feelings. Recently, I found out that being honest can bring forth good situations. :). So, slowly, but surely, I've been becoming more and more honest. :). I'll keep at it! :D.
• I think I need to clam (Yesh, clam.) down and stay calm at some moments. Sometimes, I get overexcited and become a bit immature. I dislike that.
I'll be working hard to fix these flaws. :p. Thanks for listening to my resolutions. Loool. Have a nice day, everyone. :). 
Side-note: Today's the birthday of someone very close to me. You know who you are. :p. If you're reading this, then happy birthday. :). Have a great one.~