Ohkay. I can't think of the best title for this post. *rages.*. So "Delaying Actions" is good enough, for now at least. :/. 
Anyways, this has happened a lot to me recently. Have you ever had a time where you said you were going to do something, but you ended up not doing it? o_o. This happens to me frequently, sadly. Like sometimes, I have a great idea for a blog post and I say I'm going to post it, but I end up not posting it and forgetting the idea completely. D:. Sigh. I really need to stop doing that. Loooooool. I think I still have some posts coming up, if I can remember them... o_o. Sometimes, I wish I can have the timing of Spider-Man or a superhero or something because they always seem to have good timing... (Well, putting away the fact that the villains always screw around with their loved ones.). Lool.
Ohkays. So like Weebly made new layouts and revamped all of their current layouts! :D. (They did this like a few months  That is good... yet very bad at the same time... Let me explain. Okay. For my website, I use a custom layout. That means that I tweaked a few things and made changes. :o. However, custom layouts can't be upgraded to the new layouts. D:. And the new layouts have some pretty cool features. I worked hard on this layout. And I can't seem to figure out how to modify the new layout format to make it look like this layout. D:. So yeah. :/. If I can figure out how to modify the new layout formats, then I'll upgrade to that. Otherwise, the site is stuck like this for now. :x. 
Hai there. :D. Happy last day of July 2012. :o. Dangggg. Summer vacation is almost over. :o. (Well, for me at least. Like there's about 3 weeks left of summer vacation.). You know, it really didn't feel like a vacation because I was taking a math class over summer. Oh wells. I never really liked being bored 24/7 anyways. Loooool. Being ahead doesn't hurt. :p. 
The thing that really sucks for me is that I never really did anything fun/ notable over my summer vacation. And like usually, the teachers ask you to write an essay about your summer. And I have like nothing to write about. As;lkdjf;alskdjf;lakjsdf. I really wanted to do some things over summer vacation. But noooooo. Everything is apparently too "dangerous". Bleh. Sorry for that little rant. Anyways, back to the post. I've never really been a person who had an interesting life story to tell... yet. :/. (I think I'm going on about this too much. :p. I might do a separate post giving more details about this paragraph.). 
Anyways, to conclude this post, I'm going to post some GIFs/ pictures semi-related to July/ summer/ whatnot... o_o. 
P.S: Well, I had some other posts planned out, but they slipped my mind. >.<. I'll try to post them as soon as I remember. Until next time.~
Okay. So like this post is going to be mainly directed to those who have played Nintendo games. c:. (I guess. o_o. If you played a Pokemon/ Mario game, then you probably know what I'm talking about. :p.). But this is still fun for those who haven't really played any video games in the last century. :p. Anyways, here goes:
Don't you get a weird sense of accomplishment when you do one of the following?: 
• Let's say you're playing Pokemon Sapphire. And you're battling Kyogre, the main legendary Pokemon of the game. And you throw a random PokeBall out there (Any PokeBall, excluding the Master Ball. :p.) and to your surprise, you catch Kyogre. :p. 
• When you're playing Mario Kart, and you hit someone with a green shell. Looooooool. I used to strongly dislike green shells. :o. But during the past few days, I was bored, so I've been playing Mario Kart on my DS. And I've been playing Balloon Battle. Surprisingly, I have gotten fairly proficient at aiming at others with green shells. c:. 
• You're playing a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game and you recruit a legendary Pokemon on your first try. :o. That just feels awesome. :p. I've always wanted to recruit Groudon, but I was never able to. :c. *cries.*. 
Awh darn. I thought I had more to list out. But I'm fresh out, at the moment. :c. I'll edit this post to add more later. And yesh. I know there are more senses of accomplishment, but I was try to stick with making them sound "weird". :p. 
Okay. So you're like probably wondering why I put a stick figure there. o_o. I usually put a relevant image or GIF at the bottom of each post. And if you're wondering what this picture has to do with the post, I'll tell you in the following sentences. Well, I drew this stick figure on my computer. And it's like terrible. :c. (And yeah. I totally did not use a tool for the head shape. *innocent face.*. Looooooooool. Sarcasm, ftw?). And so I thought it looked awkward or weird. (I might have been able to draw something better on a tablet, but sadly, I don't have a tablet. I don't have a big screen fancy smancy smartphone either. So yeah. :x.). So since this post had something to do with "weird" things, I put the stick figure in. Lol? Made sense? Probably not. More or less. :p. Regardless, enjoy.~ 
P.S: If you have any scenarios that gave you a weird sense of accomplishment and you want to share it to the world, please do so by commenting in the Comments section below. c:. The one that I find most amusing will be added to this post. (You will be credited. Don't worry.). So what are you waiting for? Go comment now! :D.
Woohoo. The London 2012 Olympics starts today. :D. Yayyyy. Loooool. I don't really have much interest in this, but I like watching the opening/ closing ceremonies and a few events. :p. Go Team USA. :D. Looool. It's amazing to see how there are people in the world that are so athletic. :p. I'm jelly. (Especially of the professional basketball players. It's like no matter how much I practice, I don't get any better. :c.). Yay for the Olympics.~ 
Omge. So like the opening ceremony was pretty cool. :D. The torch part was awesome. c:. I like how lighting up one torch created a chain reaction. And like it lit up like other torches. And then it they all formed a big torch. c:. *fanqurl scream.*. Loool. I'm kind of confused about the schedule of the Olympics. :x. Like what event happens when. :x. I keep trying to figure out the event schedule, but to no success. :c. I hope I don't miss out on the Men's Basketball games. 
Okay. I have been noticing a reoccurring pattern that happens with teachers. When they say one thing, the mean the exact opposite. (At times.). I will demonstrate below. But this post is not meant to bash teachers. Because there are awesome ones out there. c:. And being a teacher is a tough job. So props to them. ^_^. 
Anyways, this happens to me very often. It's kind weird. I'll post examples. 
A teacher says: "This quiz is going to be very easy. It's not going to challenge you at all! :D." 
What really happens: But when I got the quiz, it was like so a;lksjdf;lkajs;ldkfj;alksjdf hard. Like wtf. I'm not even kidding. (Okay. Maybe it was an exaggeration, but you got the point. Lolpoints. c:.). 
A teacher says: "This quiz is fairly challenging. Hope you studied. ^_^." 
What really happens (to me, at least.): The quiz turns out to be so easy. It's not even funny. It's like teachers do this for some reason .e_e. 
A teacher says: "I didn't assign a lot of homework! I even omitted some problems! :D." 
What really happens: The homework is like page 1 - page 108279387897293875982739587298375982739587-You-Are-Not-Going-To-Finish-This #1 - 198791873598729387592735987. What the teacher omitted: # 198791873598729387592735988. Like wtf. Honestly, this happens way too often. The opposite of this one isn't necessarily true. :/. It hasn't really happened. Looooooool. 
A teacher says: "Here's a project! You won't need a lot of materials for this one!" 
What really happens: You have to go to various stores like Home Depot and Wal-Mart which are far away from each other to get all the materials. And they're expensive. And your parents get mad at you for having to spend that much money. ._. Sad life. 
Well, anyways, I know I exaggerated a lot on this post. But it was just for fun. :p. But sometimes, these situations do happen. (In a less intense form ,that is. :p.). So yeah. But teachers can be awesome at times. :D. Yay for teachers.~
Omgee. I just finished watching The Dark Knight. (Omge. Batman. *fanqurl scream.*. :D. And again, yesh, I know it's late. But I was really a fan of Batman until today. Looooool.). A summary of my thoughts on the film: It was kind of a sad film, to be honest. ._. Lool. Anyways, I'll give a more detailed version of my thoughts below. :p. 
Alright. Here goes. :D. Unicorns. Loljks. To be honest, I liked the first movie, Batman Begins, better than this one. :o. It's because of several reasons. Hm. I'll do this post in a certain format. I'll list what I did like first and what I didn't like, second. And a grand conclusion at the end. :p. (Hm. I seem to be using this format often. Like I started using it with my "The Amazing Spider-Man" post. Looool. It's a neat way to organize things. And I'm an neat freak. ;). So yeah. :p.). Warning: There are spoilers. But you've probably already seen this movie since it came out in 2008. Looool. 
What I did like about this movie:
• I was sad to see Gordon "die". But it was pretty awesome how he appeared later. It's like Batman and him conspired to catch the Joker. That was just pretty damn awesome.  
• Awesome special effects. :D. 
• The suit was upgraded. They did a nice thing with the bat star things shooting out of his wrists/ feet (I think. o_o. I can't remember which part was able to shoot out. D:.). 
• I really like the ending line of the movie. It was said by Gordon: "He's a silent Guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight." 
• ↑ That also links to another aspect of the movie that I liked. It reminded me of Naruto. *fanqurl scream.*. Looooool. Like that reminded me how Itachi protected his village from within the shadows. "Self-sacrifice… A nameless shinobi who protects peace within its shadow… That is a true shinobi." ~ Masashi Kishimoto. 
• The soundtrack was pretty nice. :D. The main theme was incredible. (In fact, I'm listening to it right now as I write this post! It's inspirational. :p.). Omge. ♥. For me, soundtracks affect the way of how much I like a movie. Soundtracks make a great impact within a movie. 
• I really like how when the Batmobile car-tank was destroyed, parts of it was disbanded leaving a motorcycle behind. That was incredible. 
• It was funny how the 2 little kids were shaping their fingers as a gun and shooting cars, and Batman shot the cars and exploded them. And the kids were like "Whoa. Mind blown." Pew pew. 
• It was pretty cool how the prisoner threw the detonator out the window. That guy was just awesome. He was like: "I'm going to do what you should have done 10 minutes ago." *takes the detonator and throws it out the window.*. Lool.
What I didn't like about this movie:
• I never really liked Harvey. Not from the beginning. And not when he was corrupt. He was just like ew.
• Rachel died. D:. I wanted to see Rachel and Bruce as a couple. ♥. (Omge. *fanqurl scream.*. Loooool.). They would have made a nice couple. D:.
• I don't think the plot was as great as the first movie's plot. :/. 
• I really didn't like how in the end, Batman was forced to flee from cops. He was the good guy. D:.
• The cops in the movie are just so ignorant. *rages.*.  Like how they didn't listen to Batman and almost shot down innocent hostages. Like wtf.
• I didn't like how Harvey was corrupted so easily. I thought he had an iron will. :/. He was also really freaky when he was corrupt. ._.
• I didn't like all the cops betraying Gordon, but I guess that's life. :/.  
• The first movie had more humorous lines. :p. This isn't exactly "negative" because this movie was like more serious. :/. 
In conclusion, this was a pretty nice movie, but I liked its predecessor, Batman Begins, better. :x. It had great special effects and soundtracks. Loool. And the Batmobile car-tank was pretty awesome. :D. So was the motorcycle. :p. And Batman's suit was awesome. :D. Haha. I'm like Batman obsessed right now. :p. And the actors and actresses were great And the director was good. :D. Yayyy. Omge. I want to watch The Dark Knight Rises now. c:. 
Hai there. :D. To be begin this post, I'm going to apologize. :x. I didn't post a blog post in like 14089730981740987129847 centuries. D:. Ohnoes. Anyways, I apologize for not blogging for the past days. I was thinking about what to blog about. And then I thought of an idea. But I wasn't home, so I couldn't write it down. And by the time I got home, I forgot it. D:. And yeah. But I've got a few blog posts coming to compensate for the no-blog-updating thingy. :D. Anyways, onwards with this post! 
So like, I finished watching watching Batman Begins a few minutes ago. :D. If you are currently following me on Twitter, you probably already know that. :p. I was tweeting about it. Haha. (Yesh. I know it's late. But originally, I wasn't really a fan of Batman. But now I am. Omgeee. Loooooool.). Because like The Dark Knight Rises is all the rage and all. And I wanted to see why so many people like Batman so much. And now I understand. :p. Yeyy. It was a pretty great movie, in my honest opinion. :p. Great character development. And very humorous at times. :p. And the actors/ actresses were really great too! And yeah. So, I'mma be posting some funny quotes that I would like to share with you guys and qurls below. (Enjoy.).: 
Policeman 1: "He's in a vehicle"
Policeman 2: "What is it"
Policeman 1: "It's a black... tank." 
Note: By "he", the policeman meant Batman. Just saying. :p. 

Gordon: "Hold on. I'll get my car."
Batman: "I've got mines." *runs over car.*.
Gordon: "I gotta get myself one of those."

Policeman 1: "What street is he on? "
Policeman 2 "He's not on a street. He's flying on rooftops!"

Batman: I'm Batman. *bangs head on the guy.* Nice coat. 
(By the "guy", I mean that guy who was all "powerful" at first. I forgot his name. It was an interesting name. :/. And Batman said "Nice coat." to the homeless guy that he gave his own coat to earlier. LOOOL. At least, that's what I thought. It just felt ironic and funny. :p. Interesting combination of feelings. Genius script writer. Props to him. :p.). 
Anyways, I'm going to be watching The Dark Knight after this post. :D. And then post another post about that. And a few other random posts. :p. (Yay for randomness. :p.). Somehow, I feel like a movie reviewer now. :p. Oh wells. As long as it helps people, why not? :p. Hope you enjoyed this post.~
Okay. So like a new Naruto chapter was released. (Omge. Yayy. I think it was early. :D. Since, it usually comes out on Wednesday mornings. c:.). And I noticed something. Orochimaru, from Naruto, is really similar to Voldemort, from Harry Potter. Here are my observations: 
• Both Orochimaru and Voldemort have a strong association with snakes. Like Voldemort can speak to snakes. And Orochimaru can summon them. 
• No matter how many times you kill either of them, they always seem to come back using one method or another. Like seriously. (Especially Orochimaru.). Lol. 
• They both have pale skin. Well, Orochimaru uses a mask, but originally, he naturally had pale skin. So yeah. 
• They're both pretty creepy at times. 
• They both obsess over a young boy. (For different reasons. But yeah.). 
• They're both power-hungry. Although, they're pretty much powerhouses already. 
• Both of them tend to be "immortal." Or at least, obsess over it. 
• Both of them were initially good, but turned wicked due to some reason. 
• They were both child prodigies taught by brilliant teachers. 
• Both of them had a lot of followers. (Not the Twitter-kind of followers. Looool. :p.). Like Orochimaru had his Sound Village and Voldemort had Death Eaters. 
And those are the reasons that I can think of off the top of my head. :p. I'll edit the post to add more later. So yeah. I wonder if you have ever considered that Orochimaru and Voldemort are alike. Tell me your thoughts by posting a quick comment below in the Comments section. Thanks.~
Omgeee. I just finished watching every episode of The Big Bang Theory. :o. (Of course, not all at one sitting. :p.). It's such a great show. :o. I'm kind of sad that it ended so abruptly. :/. 5 seasons is just not enough for it. D:. I. Want. More. Episodes. >:(. Lol. And I'm getting that "end-of-series feeling." :c. Honestly, I was kind of disappointed to see it end like that. :/. There were many things that was left unresolved. ._. Nonetheless, it's still a great show. Lol.
My favorite character on the show was Sheldon Cooper. c:. Omge. *fanqurl scream.*. Loooooool. Jim Parsons, the actor who played Sheldon, did a great job on doing that. Lol. I like how they gave him a catchphrase in the 3rd season. It would have been better if they gave him the catchphrase from the very beginning. Lol. Consistency is good. c:. I also like how they always have food while acting. Omgeeee. Like they get to eat all that food when they're acting. Loool. c:. So like yeah. Hm. Whattowatchnow. ._.
Edit: Ohyay. I remembered a show that I used to watch often and I wanted to watch every episode. c:. It's Malcolm in the Middle, btw. Omgeeee. Yay for entertainment. :D.