Happy last day of August 2012! (I sincerely apologize for not blogging for so long. It was because I had school and loads of homework. :c. Bleh. And I still have loads of homework, to this very day. Loooool. .__. So like yeah.). Omgee. This has been a very eventful month. :o. Well, to me, at least. Since school has resumed and whatnot. :o. 
Omgeee. There's a blue moon today. :o. (The moon's not actually blue.). It just means that it's the 2nd full moon of the month. :o. The saying, "Once in a blue moon", means that something happens after a long time or so. I guess. o_o. 
The weather was so strange for the month of August. ._. And on one day, it was so humid that it started raining. And the rain was warm... Lolew. And then there was lightning and thunder! The thunder was so loud that it shook the ground. :c. Strange weatherrrrr. Bleh. Other than that, it was a pretty hot month. D:. Hopefully, the weather in September will be better! 
R.I.P. Neil Armstrong, the first man to ever walk on the moon. (I don't really know much about him. I don't really research about this stuff. Well, at least, not yet. Loooool.). 
Omgeeee. Today's Naruto chapter, chapter 598, was just completely amazing. It was breathtaking. And it had a lot of suspension... Especially at the end of the chapter. LOL. It's kind of typical of Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, to make us keep guessing for a few more chapters. :p. The mystery of Tobi.~ 
Warning: There are a lot of spoilers. Read at your own cost. 
As stated above, today's Naruto chapter just took my breath away. Literally. And left me in awe. *fanqurl scream.*. Looooool. It kind of made some Tobi theories more clear too. The way Masashi Kishimoto wrote and drew this chapter was just amazing. Great art and great dialogue. It was so cool how Naruto just summoned Kurama in a flash and caught that giant Shuriken. Looool. And it was so cool how Kakashi knew Naruto's plan and they coordinated perfectly in sync. Sync systems. Looool. Tobi thought that he knew every move, but was surprised when a big Rasengan was smashed into his face! Woohoo. 
And through the chapter, Kakashi was thinking about Obito and his memorial. I think that's hinting that Tobi's Obito or so. That's just my thoughts on this. I can't wait for the next chapter, which hopefully, the mystery of Tobi will be solved.~
Omgeee. Today was my first day of school for the school year of 2012. :D. It was an okay day. Loooooool. It was nice to see people again. Looool. However, today was so messy. (Usually, most first days are. :p.). Like schedules weren't final. People were popping in and out of classrooms. Looool. But I think I was rather happy. The teachers were pretty nice. (So far. LOL. I think teachers get a bit more strict as the school year goes on. D:.). And i got to sit next to certain friends. (♥.). For now, at least. Bleh. It was an interesting day. And I'm excited to see how the next day is going to be like.~ 
Let me know how your first day of school was by commenting in the Comments section!
Ohkayyyyyy. So like, I have come up with a new idiom. o_o. It might sound strange or not make sense, but at least I tried. Looooooool. Here it is:
The difference is like the difference between a suit and a tuxedo. 
Meaning: There's barely a difference. 
I know some of you know the difference between a suit and a tuxedo. However, I didn't really know until recently. o_o. I came up with this idiom because I was wondering what the difference was between a suit and a tuxedo. And I found out what the difference was. Apparently, tuxedos are "fancier". Looooooool. So like yeah. :x. This idiom might by useful. .__. Have you ever tried making an idiom? Please share your stories by commenting in the Comments section below! :D.
Ohkay. So like some of you may have already started school. Or like some of you might be starting school next week/ month or something. Or some of you may have already finished school. Whatever it is, most of you can probably relate to this topic: Preparing for school. 
Today, I started preparing for school. I think I'm kind of late. (I think. o_o. Since, school starts for me next week. :o.). I was talking to a friend and she said that she has already finished. Looool. I think it's because I took summer classes and had a lot of homework/ tests. So yeah. I started by cleaning up my backpack. And I felt nostalgic. I took out all the items that I used last year. And I started looking at them, while remembering the good times. Sadly, I need a new backpack, but I don't like any of the ones I see in stores. :c. 
And now, I'm just waiting for school to start, so that the teachers can hand out a long list of materials needed. It seems like the teachers always makes you buy the most expensive supplies. T_T. And half the time, the teachers you have next year require many different things, so you're not able to use the stuff you bought last year. Bleh. 
How did you prepare for school? Feel free to share your stories below by commenting in the Comments section! :D. 
Wow. I can't believe it. 2 weeks passed by already. :o. The London Summer Olympics of 2012 has ended today. (And school starts for me next week. Loooool.). Dang. At times, it felt like time wasn't moving at all. However, in retrospect, time flew away into the  stars. (Come back. T.T. Loool.). To be honest, I didn't really watch a lot of events. o_o. I didn't know the time of the events. Lool. Oh wells. But I did watch the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. :D. I always like those ceremonies. c:. And they did an introduction of Rio, the next host city of the Olympic Games. :o. Sounds interesting. I'll look forward to that.~
Sometimes, I wonder whether I should miss some people or not. Lol. Like honestly. Looool. Hm. *wonders how I should do this post.*. A;slkjdflkjasdf. Well, here goes. 
Alright. Have you ever had a situation where a friend has been away for a while and you missed him/ her? Many of us had. (Including me. :p.). However, let's put a little twist to this situation. Let's say that your friend came back. But then it hits you. The person is kind of obnoxious/ irritating. o_o. And then you wonder why you missed the person... So, hence the title. To miss or not to miss? 
In general, I've had these situations before. e_e. Looool. But most of them ended up well. I guess. o_o. And now, I'm wondering if I should be missing some people or not. (As stated above.). Looool. And school's going to start (for me, at least) in like 2 weeks. .__. (So, I guess there's really no time to wonder/ think about it. Loool. Gotta get ready for school. :p.). Sometimes, I wish that some people would just stay the same. :o. Sometimes, people change. And sometimes, the changes are bad. D:. So yeah. Lolwhut. (This post was so much better in my head... o_o. But I haven't posted in a while, so yeah. o_o. Hope this post wasn't too terrible. :/.). 
Ohkay. The picture is kind of weird. o_o. Since this post wasn't really about missing people. It was about whether to miss or not to miss. o_o. Not sure if that was grammatically correct. But moving on. So yeah. o_o. Enjoy the pretty heart? Lolhearts. 
Colorful memories float throughout the room, as I remember the past. Memories dance around my head, as I try to recall the good times. Summer always makes me feel nostalgia. I don't know why. o_o. Loooooool. Honestly, I remember watching a few episodes of Pokemon and whatnot last summer. And now, I'm like playing Pokemon Ruby. And I plan to reread Special A next. .__. Looool. What is this sorcery? :o. It's quite amazing. :p. I think it's because I don't really have anything to do. And doing past things makes me remember good memories. ♥.
However, summer's almost over. And it's back to studying hard and yeah. Loooooool. It's both good and bad. The fact that you're occupied with studying gives you less time to be bored. o_o. Lool. I'm serious. However, sometimes, teachers pack on too much homework. And it overwhelms you/ stresses you out. :c. Sigh. It's always hard to have a completely good thing. :x. Anyways, if you have experienced nostalgia this summer please feel free to share it by commenting in the Comments section below! I look forward to reading your nostalgic experiences!
Woohoo. The Mars Rover, Curiosity, has landed on Mars last night. :D. Yayyy. Omgeee. Curiosity is such a good name for a Mars Rover. :o. I wonder who came up with it. Loool. Props to  who(m)ever made up the name. :D. Loool. I wonder what new things NASA will discover on Mars. :o. The possibilities are endless.~
(That isn't Curiosity. Just saying. Lool.).