Happy last day of September 2012. :D. Omgeee. It's the 30th day of September. The last day. :o. Gasp. Loool. Let's have a little recap of this month. 
You know. In retrospect, a lot of shitty things happened this month. Bleh. The month started out pretty well. Things were going well. But I guess that never lasts. :/. Sigh. And I've been busier than ever. With homework assignments and whatnot. (Even now, when I'm writing this blog post, I'm doing my book report. Bleh.). Tests and quizzes have been overwhelming. Things just haven't been going well. Both academically and life things. (A thing that's keeping me going is what my teacher had said as a life lesson to the class. She mentioned that things are bound to go well after a downfall. Which is probably true. Hopefully, that is.). 
Besides the beginning of this month, the only other good part of this month was that autumn started. It brought cooler weather. Lolyay. And winter's coming in a few months. :). Anyways, happy last day of September 2012. I hope you guys and qurls had a better month than me. c:. Hopefully, next month, which starts tomorrow, will be a much better one.~
Who here likes book reports? *raises hand.*. Meee. :D. Loljkjk. Not me. I have never really liked book reports. To be honest, I even kind of dislike them. o_o. For a few reasons, actually. 
For me, I usually just like to read books that I like. (Otherwise, I just usually read online articles, newspaper articles, blog posts, statuses, manga, and etc. Looool.). Because I can actually enjoy them. But sometimes, book reports force you to read something that you don't like. And that's just not good. A;sldkjf. It's really hard for me to read a book that I don't have interest in. It also makes me take a lot longer than usual. You're also pressed for time.  (Like there's a specific due date.). A limited amount of time + Boring book + Having to write about it = Not much fun.
When I'm doing a book report, I always have to really pay attention to all the minor details and take notes while reading the book. It's such a pain. (I'm currently doing a book report on a really really boring mystery book... Yeah... Not the most fun thing to do. e_e.). It's always harder to remember things that you don't have interest in. So, that makes writing a book report on a book I dislike a really big pain... Smh.
All those things listed above kill the fun in reading a book. ;_;. And usually, I like to take my time to read and ENJOY a book. .__. Comment below to tell me your thoughts about book reports! 
You know. These days, I always plan to do many things, but I never get to do all of them. As;dlkfja;slkdjf. *thinks of ways to describe it.*. Loool. For example, on Fridays/ Saturdays, I always plan to finish the bulk of my mountainload of homework, but I always end up procrastinating on Sunday. .__. I always tell myself that I'm not going to procrastinate, but I always end up procrastinating... It's annoying. :c. Even now... I have a freaking book report due on Monday and I'm not even done reading the boring book... Smh. Sighhh. 
But sometimes, things go better than planned. Like honestly. Sometimes, I can just work through everything really quickly without any distractions. And it's nice to be free from all those responsibilities. Lol. Hopefully, things will be better.~
(Looooool. Interesting business plan. ↓.).
(Um. The title makes this post sound awkward... But I assure you that this post is rated PG... 13. Loljkjk. It's totally rated G or so. o_o. Looool. I would have put "Rewearing Clothes" as the title, but I wasn't sure if "rewear" was a word or not. o_o.). 
Okay. So I think many of you can relate to this post. Like honestly. Lool. 
Honestly, it kind of annoys me when I go somewhere wearing my casual clothes and people go like, "I thought you wore that 1 week ago." Or something like that. And they stare at you strangely, while giving you some negative aura or something. (Like they expect you to wear a piece of clothing once and never wear it again. Smh.). Lolaura. And I'm like, "Yeah. I think." When on the inside, I'm like, "I have magical things called washers and driers. You should try them some time." 
Honestly, I don't really buy much clothes. I just buy whatever I need. So, I often wear the same clothes weekly. (Of course, I wash them. Clean clothes. :D.). So like yeah. o_o. I think it'll be much easier when I'm older because I'll just be wearing suits all the time. Loool. 
Happy 14tth Anniversary, Google! Omgeee. Today's Google's 14th anniversary. :o. You know. I can't imagine how I would have done things in my everyday life without it. Thanks for helping me with homework assignments, blog post ideas, and whatnot. I'm not sure about the exact date that Google was founded, but I'm pretty sure that today is their 14th anniversary. (I don't know why the anniversary isn't the same date as when it was created.). Let's all take a moment to appreciate what  Google has done for us. *appreciates.*. Again, happy 14th anniversary, Google! :D.
Omgeeee. Today's Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! chapter was awesomeeeee. :D. It made me feel a bit of nostalgia. c:. You know the drill. There are many spoilers in this post. Just saying. :p.
Omgeeeee. This chapter was just amazing. The Dying Will Bullet finally returned! And it was awesome to see Tsuna's "REBORN!!!" line. c:. Lool. I really liked how it went back to the way it started. Like, instead of relying on all those fancy Vongola gears and whatnot, Tsuna used his Dying Will. :o. (Which was all that he used in the beginning of the manga.). Which totally overpowered Bermuda. (So far, that is.). Lool. The Dying Will is just so strong. (Well, after all, it is the DYING Will. :p.). I wonder if Tsuna'll create a new type of flame or something. :o.
Oi. I really don't like it when my "obligations" pile on top of each other. (By "obligations", I mean like my homework/ projects/ tests/ quizzes/ whatnot. Basically, anything that I "have" to do. Looool.). Lately, my obligations have been tending to pile on to each other. *stares at stack of homework.*. Bleh. It really annoys me when that happens. Teachers always tend to give something I like to call the: "homework + project + test combo." Or at least, it seems that way. I'll explain: 
Ohkay. So like you're doing your everyday thing. And like you're in class. Then, the teacher assigns some homework. And you're like, "Ohkay. That's normal." And you head to your next class. And then that teacher ends up giving you some homework and a project due in a week or so. And then you're like, "Um. Okay." Then your next teacher assigns you some homework and announces that you have a section/ chapter test on the following day. And you start to go like, "As;dlkfj. The homework pile is getting a bit big..." And then your next teacher gives you some homework, assigns you a big project worth like 99.999% of your grade due in a week, and announces that you have a quiz tomorrow. And so on and so forth. And all the homework assignments are due within the next day.
That's kind of what I mean by "homework + project + test combo." It's like the teachers assign all of them at once to overwhelm you and stress you out. (I'm aware that they're trying to make sure that students are prepared for the future years and beyond, but sometimes it's overkill.). 
At the moment, it's kind of what I'm experiencing right now. :/. All my obligations are piling up higher and higher. My study habits aren't the best right now. (I blame the last school year. Last year, everything was all chill and easy. The difference between these 2 years is too big. :/.). And I'm not feeling the best right now either. :/. (Both emotionally and physically.). So, I feel all overwhelmed and stuffies. *looks at my pile of obligations.*. It seems like it's getting bigger and bigger... Sigh.
So, now, I'm listening to "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga. I'm trying to stay optimistic. I guess. But it's not really helping. Asd;flkjasdf. "Just Dance. Gonna be okay. J-j-j-just dance." ~ Lady Gaga. 
(And these piling obligations kind of prevent me from blogging sometimes. Like currently, I have a bunch of ideas for new blog posts. And maybe even some new features/ pages for this website. But unfortunately, I'm only able to do some at a time due to the fact that I have to do homeworks and whatnot. Bleh.).
Ugh. Sometimes, I have some classmates that are like total ingrates. Like sometimes, a classmate would ask me for help. And then I go out of my way to help him/ her in any way possible. Then, a few seconds later: "Um. I'm going to ask someone else for help." Or something like that. Like with no explanation why or no signs of appreciation or anything. And I'm like in my head, "Ugh. If you were going to do that in the first place, then why did you ask me for help? I just wasted my precious time for nothing?! -_-." It really annoys me when that happens. Like honestly. I'm the type of person who generally doesn't mind helping others. It's just that sometimes people don't show any appreciation or anything and it kind of ticks me off. Sorry. Just a little rant. Many of you guys and qurls may be able to relate to this though. :o.
Omgee. The retired space shuttle, Endeavour, was flying across the U.S. :D. Loool. It was pretty cool. Like I had an assembly at school while it passed by above us. And like I think it disrupted the sound system. :p. It was loud. To be honest, I think that it was pretty damn awesome. A shuttle piggyback riding on a plane. Loool. :p. It's going to be an exhibit at the California Science Center starting on October 30th. :o. I think I might see it when I have time. :p. (I just realized that NASA is really good at naming their things. Looool.).
"It is the summer's great last heat, It is the fall's first chill: They meet." ~ Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt. Happy first day of autumn, or fall, of 2012! (For people in the Northern Hemisphere, at least. Loool. Autumn began on March 20th, for people in the Southern Hemisphere. Looool. I think. o_o.). Today is the Autumnal Equinox. That means that daytime and nighttime are about 12 hours each for everyone around the world. :o. Woohoo. I hope autumn marks the start of cool weather. :D. I can't wait till it's wintertime. :p. What is your favorite season? :o. Mines is winter.~