Happy Halloween of 2012. :D. (This post will include the whole "Happy Last Day of October 2012." as well. :o.). So like, let's start with a recap of October. 
If I had to summarize my experience in October in one word, I would say: busy. >.<. It truly was a busy month. Especially on the last 2 weeks of the month. I was so busy that I didn't have time to blog. D:. (You may have noticed that.). I barely had time to make this post. o_o. At least one test/ quiz was given every day. And a whole mess of projects were due on the last 2 weeks of October as well. I barely survived those weeks. I was getting an average of 3-4 hours of sleep per day. .___. It was a terrible experience. (Sadly, it's just going to get worse... ;_;.).
Time to talk about Halloween. :D. Lool. So like, this Halloween, I was unable to do anything. It was because of all the tests/ quizzes I had to study for and all the projects and homework assignments I had to complete. Blehhhh. e_e. Although, I never really liked Halloween. Lool. I never really trick-or-treated. :p. Usually, on Halloween, I just buy a bag of candy and just relax. c:. I wasn't even able to do that this year. T_T. I hope you guys and qurls had a better Halloween than me. 
Anyways, have a nice Halloween and happy last day of October 2012! c:.
Gah. I haven't been blogging a lot lately. D:. I've been very busy this week. ;_;. In fact, too busy. .__. In the past few days, I've been only getting 4-5 hours of sleep per night. .___. That is due to the massive amount of tests that were given this week. :c. Like Thursday, for example. I had a math benchmark (It was cumulative, which made it really terrible.) and a social studies chapter test. That's a terrible combination. Because in both subjects, you have to memorize so many things. e_e. After I finished the math benchmark, (A stupid fire drill cut the period short by 15 minutes. Like right in the middle of our period a fire drill came up. And we weren't  given more time to finish the benchmark. So, I rushed it. And now, I'm expecting a terrible score. Sigh.) I was so mentally (and physically, due to the lack of sleep) exhausted that every word that my 2nd period teacher said rung in my ears. Ultimately, I had a terrible headache. e_e. And then I took the Social Studies test. I don't think I did very well on that either. Bleh. 
Here's an outline of my week: 
• Monday: 2 quizzes. 
• Tuesday: 2 quizzes. 
• Wednesday: No tests/ quizzes, but a stupid project came up. e_e. 
• Thursday: Math benchmark and Social Studies chapter test. 
So yeah. o_o. It may not seem like much. But add in a lot of daily homework, lack of sleep, emotional problems (lolwhut.), and some other random problems. Bam! You've got yourself a killer week. ;_;. It truly was a terrible week. .__. I can't believe I survived...  :x. It was such a busy week. And now, I can't even relax on my weekend. I have projects and even more homework assignments to finish. e_e. (And wow. I've just noticed that I can't think straight right now. o_o. That's how badly this week affected me. :c. It's even hard to write a blog post. Like wtf. ;_;.). Sighhhhhhhhh. 
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. A GIANT CLOUD HAS TAKEN OVER THE WEBSITE!!! D:. Loljkjk. The cloud's so cute though. c:. I don't think I would mind if it took over. c:. Looool. *wants a pet cloud.*.
Anyways, the weather for the past 2 days has been completely awesome. Like rainbow-ninja-unicorns awesome. :o. Yesh. I had to do that. Loooool. :p. Why am I making the words so colorful? Well, I don't know. o_o. Back on topic, for the past week, it has been hot and humid, but recently the weather decided to be all awesome(sauce) and became cooler. :o. It was all chill and stuffies. c:. The sky was covered with (giant) clouds. It wasn't too cold nor too hot. It was a bit chilly, but it felt nice. I really enjoy days with nice weather. c:. 
The forecast for my area says that it's going to be cloudy and chill until Thursday! :o. I should enjoy this weather before it disappears for a while. ;_;. Sadly, after this awesome weather, warmer and more humid weather is going to come. :c. It's been like that for the past few weeks. o_o. Strange... Like: warm/ humid weather → Awesome chill and cloudy weather → Warm/ humid weather → Awesome chill and cloudy weather and so on and so forth... At least, winter is coming in a month and a half. (I think.). Looool. 
And on Friday, the night sky was pretty strange. It was bright outside! At around 11:00 p.m., outside wasn't as dark as you'd expect it to be. :o. Sure, it was "dark" and the streetlights were on. But you could like see everything with complete clarity. (Not as clear as the day, but pretty clear considering the fact that it was nighttime.). It was pretty amazing. :o. 
↑ A cute jumpy cloud. c:.
↑ Woohoo! It's raining love. ♥.
Giant cute clouds are awesome. c:.
Group work can be a real pain sometimes. I think it really depends on who you're grouped up with and what the assignment is. Compatibility is a big factor when it comes down to the amount of time it takes for a group to finish a certain amount of work. There are some people that can work with everyone, but there are just some people who just screw up the whole thing. e_e. Even a simple task can become an ordeal if you have uncooperative group members.
Normally, I don't like to do group work. That is because I'm usually grouped up with people that don't do any work. It's really irritating when you end up having to do all the work alone. (Have you ever experienced that? :o.). I just don't understand why those people just can't just pitch in on the work. Half the time, those are the same people that don't really care about school. And because of that, it drags the whole group down along with the people that are trying their best to do their work and whatnot. It's just not fair sometimes. 
Also, it's also very annoying to have to work with immature and irresponsible people. For example, one time, I had to do a lab with a group where half the people in the group were immature and irresponsible. It really sucked. Like one person in my group wasn't even paying attention to whatever we were discussing. And a few others wouldn't even help clean up/ put away the supplies. And those same people barely paid attention to the teacher's instructions. Like seriously? (I could have only depended on one other person the group with me. You know. If I ask you to do something, it's not because I want to make you do a lot of things. It's probably because you're a person who I can depend on and trust. Sadly, people don't realize that. :/.). So, that wasn't a very fun experience. 
Honestly, some people just need to become more mature and responsible, so that they don't hinder others. 
(↑ This looked cool. Looool. Lightning-e. c:.).
Oi. Sometimes, I really don't like talking to people over the phone. Loool. Well, I've never really liked talking to people over the phone to be honest. o_o. There are many reasons why and I think that you've probably experienced some of them before. Lool. 
1. Sometimes, phones decide to be all evil and stuffies and make your voice sound all funky to the person you're talking to. o_o. I really don't like that. It's really annoying. :c.
2. When the person you're talking to is like in a very noise area, it's hard to make out what he/ she is saying. And so you have to go like, "What? What? What did you say? Excuse me?" And it will probably irritate you and the person you're talking to. 
3. Sometimes, the sound quality is very bad. (At least, for my case. Sometimes, my cell phone's sound quality terrible. Yes. I know. #FirstWorldProblems.).
4. If you don't know what to say, the silence can be very awkward. :x.
So, that basically sums it up. (I probably have more reasons, but I just can't think of them right now. Looool.). Because of those reasons, I don't like to make many phone calls. Lool.
I prefer to "talk" to people in other means, like via IMs or in person. (Or via mail whale. :D. This option is probably the best. Looool. Well, maybe talking to the person in person is better, depending on who it is. ♥.). Lool. 
(↑ Someone should go get me a Galaxy Nexus or something. c:. Looooljkjkjk. That's a pretty awesome phone. Although, it's just over my budget. :c. #MoreFirstWorldProblems. Loool. Although, I'm happy I even have a phone at all. :p. I'm curious to see what new Nexus devices Google and their partners have in store for everyone in the upcoming months. :o.).
This post is going to be about "Catching Mistakes." And no, not like: Congratulations! You caught a Mistake in a Pokeball! Loool. I'm talking about mistakes you find on essays or so. Basically, mistakes you find on works of literature. Looool. (Does that sound right? o_o.). The mistakes sometimes troll me. Loool. I think that you've probably experienced this before if you've written many essays. :p.
Okay. So like, let's say I'm writing an essay. Right before I print it out, I make sure that there are no mistakes. And everything looks nice. However, right after I print it out, mistakes magically "appear: on the paper. :c. (Or something like that. Loool.). What I'm trying to say that, sometimes, it's easier to find mistakes when the paper is printed out or so. o_o. Depends. I guess. Loool. But I don't like it when the mistakes troll me. It causes me to waste ink and valuable time. :c. 
Comment in the Comments section below to tell me your experiences with trolling mistakes! :D.
Sometimes, it really pisses me off when someone says an unnecessary false statement about me. (This may sound like a rant, but I think many of you can relate to this.). Honestly, it's as if some people are just plain insensitive and don't give a damn about how others feel. e_e. So like today, someone said something that was uncalled-for, unnecessary, AND false about me in class. And the teacher believed it. (I think.). It really pissed me off. The thing that pissed me off wasn't so much of the statement, it was more of the person's morals. First off, the person was lying about it. Second off, it wasn't even true. And lastly, the person was just being plain rude to say an impolite statement, that was also FALSE, about me to everyone in the class when I was there. Some people just really need to be more considerate of others. Quite honestly.
If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it. It's just that simple. 
(↑ I should have done that or something. Loool. Quick question: Did you watch the Presidential Debate yesterday? :o. I watched part of it. It was intense. :o.).
This post is going to be about flying rainbow cheese sticks. Yesh. You heard me. Flying rainbow cheese sticks. Loooljkays. :p. (Man. I haven't done that "jkay" thing for a long time. Looool. Random thoughts. o_o.). Although, they do deserve a post. Loooool. Maybe later on, when I have time. :p. 
Anyways, from the title, you can infer that this post is going to be about procrastination. Lool. To be honest, I don't really like procrastinating on assignments, but nowadays, it's essential... :x. It's just not possible for me to finish any assignment early. Like seriously. o_o. (At least, not at this point.). And I barely finish them on time. Like barely. :c. And I procrastinate on every single project now. It's not something that I'm proud of. :/. (Even now. I'm procrastinating on an essay and a timeline due tomorrow. Bleh.). I really want to stop procrastinating, but it's really hard. :c. 
I get a really terrible feeling during procrastination. Like all of my BFFs finish the assignment before me, and I'm like just there doing it alone. ;_;. Or something like that. Those of you who procrastinate often should know this feeling. Loool. Getting enough sleep is another problem too. D:. I only get like 4-6 hours of sleep per night. .__. I'm exhausted. I would be napping right now. But I'm working on a project and essay due tomorrow... Wish me luck. .___. 
Ohkay. Random story time! :D. Yayy. Looool. This is semi-related to the post. It's quite interesting (ish) actually. Okay. So like, I have a friend who had a whole procrastination group last year. Like he literally got  like 60 people or so to go on Skype while they were procrastinating. LOOOOOL. So, it was like a group of 60 people, on Skype, procrastinating at the same time. :p. I thought that was pretty damn cool. Looool. I should do that. c:. But then again, I'm trying to break my habit of procrastinating... 
Anyways, feel free to tell me your habits of procrastination in the Comments section below! 
Edit on 10/16/12: Okay. So like, I did not sleep until 2:00 a.m. this morning because I was finishing my essay. Turns out that the teacher did not even collect it/ check it... Smhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. e___e. While I was writing the essay, I got to a point where I was so tired that I wasn't even tired anymore... Lolwtf. :x. And I was like using every ounce of my willpower to stay awake at school. However, when I got home, I couldn't even fall asleep. What kind of logic is that? o_o. And now, I'm tired, but I have a quiz and a test to study for. :c.
Oi. I feel so unproductive and lazy. .___. It's a bad feeling. Like I don't want to do anything, but I have so many things to do. Blehhh. I've wasted my complete Saturday doing nothing. And I barely finished anything as of now. The assignments I have: 
• An essay due in like 2 days. 
• A Timeline of Zachary Taylor due in 2 days. 
• A report on Zachary Taylor. 
• A book report. 
• National Current Event Report. 
• World Current Event Report. 
• Regular homework stuffies. 
• Tests/ quizzes to study for. 
Accacablahblah. :c. Honestly, I want to finish everything as soon as possible, but it's just too much. e_e. (Like the whole "Unmet Plans" thing starts.). Sighhh. Whenever I have a lot to do, everything just suddenly distracts me. And then I have to procrastinate, which I really don't like doing. Blehh. 
Also, I apologize for not blogging these past few days. I wasn't in the mood for it. I just had a lot to do and not enough time to do them. I'll make new resolutions. :D.
Mid-October Resolutions: 
• Learn how to use my time wisely. 
• Don't procrastinate on every assignment. 
• Gain more time from using it wisely and get more sleep. (Honestly, I'm just plain exhausted.).
• Spend some of that extra time blogging. 
And I think that's it for now. Loool. My new resolutions mainly have to do with time. I really don't like being pressed for time for some assignments. :/. I just need more time. .__.
(↑ Here's a picture of a cute whale because whales are awesome. c:.).
Happy 10/11/12. :D. Why am I doing this? Well, I won't tell you. >:D. Loljkjk. If you look at today's date, you'll see that the numbers are consecutive. (Well, at least in the month/ day/ year format. 10 → 11 → 12. Lool.). And I thought it was cool. :p. It's like a once in a lifetime chance. (I think. o_o.). Lool. Hence, this "significant" post. :p. I think I'll just talk about my day in this post, since there really aren't any other events to talk about. o_o. Well, not that I can think of at least. Lool. 
So like, overall, today was a "decent" day. I guess. :x. Well, not exactly "good" nor "bad." Although, it's closer to bad than good. (In a sense.). So like yeah. Lool. (Confused? Haha. Don't worry about it.).
Let's start off with today's weather: It was awesome! It was all cloudy, chill, and slightly windy in my area! :D. It was a nice change from all the humid and hot days. Loool. It rained a bit in the morning, which kind of sucked. Since on my way to school, there was traffic and I got slightly wet. Not too bad though. (Random thought: I wonder why rain causes traffic. o_o. Is it because drivers drive a bit slower to be more cautious? Or what. Lool. Comment in the Comments section below to tell me your thoughts about rainy day traffic.). And during the day, it was just cloudy and chill. :D. However, at around 3:30 p.m. it started to rain all hell outside. Loool. There was lightning and thunder. :o. It was pretty heavy rain. And now, it's like kind of cold. c:. Hopefully, it'll stay cold for a while. Aha. Although, winter is coming. ♥.
I had a science test today. I don't think I did so well. *waits for my grade to drop.*. Sigh. And I have a math test tomorrow. e_e. I had a test or quiz every day except on Wednesday. I feel brain-dead. It isn't a good feeling. Blehh. 
And not to mention the mountain-load of homework and projects that have been given. e_e. I feel all stressed out and tired. Like I've been getting an average about 5-6 hours of sleep per day. .___. I even have bags under my eyes now! T_T. Also, it greatly affected the time I take to blog. :c. (That's why I wasn't posting any new posts for the past few days. Blame it on tests/ quizzes/ homework assignments/ projects/ etc.). And I've came up with a few good ideas too. :c. I'll try to blog more, if possible. .__. 
And this week, in general, wasn't such a good one. :x. I keep hoping for better weeks, but they seem to never come... Anyways, happy 10/11/12. :D.