I dun like how when I talk to someone, I type like long paragraphs and all I get for a response is "Lol". ._________.
Ugh. That person is just really annoying. That person's act especially. *insert annoyed face here.*. He just has this annoying laugh that he forces out. *insert disgusted face here.*. That person laughs at things that aren't funny at all. I believe that, that person is craving attention. I think that, that person can literally laugh himself to death. No joke. I'm not saying that because I think he's annoying, I'm saying that because I think it's true. (lolwhut.). Anyways, I want to keep my distance away from that person. So I don't get annoyed by his acts. 
/End vent for now. 
Somehow, I feel like I want to eat an orange right now. .___. Lolololol. Sadly, I don't have any oranges right now. D:. Oh wells. Artificial flavoring ftw? :P.

Lol. Some people wonder why I post things here. Even I, myself, think that too sometimes. It's not like anyone's reading this... Or not. Who knows? Lol. But this is a good place to vent/ rant. Lol. That's basically my reason for posting here. Lol. Also, I do it for my loyal fans! :D.
Daily Post. 
I think that I should post daily. What do you think? 
Happy Cyber Monday! 

Haha. This takes me back. Like to a year ago. I remember posting this as well a year ago.~
I think my speech pattern has exceedingly changed. 
Compare my first post to this post of a few recent posts. 
Is this change for the better? Lol.
Happy Black Friday! :D.

Haha. I can remember that I posted something like this exactly one year ago. Haha. Time sure does go by fast.~
Happy Thanksgiving! :D. 
Here's a special thanks from me and iamboredish.weebly.com to YOU, yesh you! Thanks for visiting this website and without you guys/girls, this website wouldn't be here! (Oh noes.). So I thank you.... I would also like to thank my family and my friends for being so awesome! Don't forget to give thanks to the people that are important in your life as well! :D. Have a good one.~
Hai there. 
/End greeting.