Omgeeeeee. This week's Naruto chapter was pretty epic. :D. Wait. Scratch that. It wasn't "pretty epic." It was really epic. Like seriously. Loool. You know the drill. Warning: Spoiler alert. :p. 
So, like the chapter starts off with the Bijuudama flying towards the Jubii. However, the Jubi just flicks it (literally) away and it hits the Hachibi. One of the Jubi's tail was about to hit Kakashi and Naruto, who were both in midair, but Naruto pushes him away. This caused Obito to think that Naruto resembled him. And so, Naruto was hit, but it was a shadow clone. :D. Yayy. Lool. And Kurama, the Hachibi, and practically everyone else ran out of chakra. (Well, everyone on the good side. Like Naruto and etc.). And so, Kurama and the Hachibi "disappeared." (I don't know how else to describe it.). And so, Obito and Madara call them incompetent. :c. Naruto goes like, "I'm not incompetent. I'll become the Hokage!" or something like that. And Obito makes an attack with the Jubi. Like a bijuudama thingy. It was about to hit them... 
The attacked shifted its position and missed them! :D. Apparently, it was because some of the Hyugas like did something. o_o. (I wasn't clear on what they did.). And then everyone started appearing! :D. The entire Shinobi Alliance was there! :D. Yayyyy. It was cool how they did, "1st Squad arrived", "2nd Squad arrived." and etc. :p. And then Naruto proclaimed that he has some new powerful jutsu. Loool. The end scene was epic. Like how everyone was standing next to each other.
Here are some of my thoughts about this chapter. Like stated above, it was really epic. Lool. I really liked it. :o. However, it made me think that Obito was going to be talked into becoming good or something. The moment that he thought that Naruto resembled him caused me to think that. :x. I kind of hope that it doesn't turn out like that. Lool. Also, I wonder how Sasuke will play a role into this? Maybe he has given up on revenge? o_o. Also, Kiba said to Naruto, "Don't act tough just because Hinata's here!" or something. Does that mean that Naruto likes Hinata? :o. Gasp. That would be interesting. Lool. Tell me your thoughts about this chapter by commenting in the Comments section below!
Happy Cyber Monday of 2012. :D. Today is a day where a lot of online sellers have special deals, which could save a lot of money for you! :D. Yay for saving money. :D. Loool. Cyber Monday always falls on the Monday after Black Friday. Its name originated from Shop,org. It was used because one of the biggest online shopping days was always on the Monday after Black Friday! :o. So nowadays, we have sales all of the Internet! :D. Yayy. 
Did you do a lot of online shopping today? :o.
Gah. The Thanksgiving weekend is almost over. ;_;. (Although, it is over for some people. :c. Different time zones. Loool.). You know. I really didn't do much over the weekend. I said I was going to do the bulk of my homework, but I ended up not doing it. (Like usual. ;_;.). Now, I'm regretting it. Bleh. I wish I had a time machine or something. It's always like this when it comes to procrastination, sadly. Sighhh. I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow. :c. I really wish that there were more hours in a day. There just isn't enough time to do everything. ;_;. Like, if I want to complete everything, then I wouldn't get enough sleep. If I want to sleep, then it would prevent me from finishing everything. If sleep is so important, then why do teachers assign so much homework? Bleh. 
How was your Thanksgiving weekend? (Hopefully, it was better than mines. Loool. Or at least, more fun. :p.).
↑ Last Thanksgiving picture. :p.
P.S. Happy Cyber Monday Eve! :D.
Omgeeeeeeeeee. Psy's Gangnam Style video is now the most watched video on YouTube!!! YAYYYYYY. :D. It was uploaded on July 15th, 2012. :o. Today is November 24th, 2012. That's about 4 months time. It currently has around 812 million views. (At least, when I made this post. :p.). That's amazing. Justin Bieber's Baby video received around 800 million views. However, it was uploaded 2 years ago. And it is currently the second most watched video. Team Psy, ftw! :D. The rate at which the views for Gangnam Style increases is just amazing. It's also notable that the video has around 5.4 million likes! Psy's such a boss. :p. 
I really like the video. It shows that music doesn't have to be in a certain language to be good. And his video showed that. It was the #1 song in many countries at a time! Also, his video was very random. A good type of random, that is. :p. And his dance is just ingenious. :p. It's simple and looks cool! The meaning to his lyrics are pretty nice, as well. 
if you haven't watched the video yet, go watch it now. It's shown below. Yayy. Tell me your reaction/ thoughts about it by commenting in the Comments section below. :).
Happy Black Friday of 2012. :D. Did you go Black Friday shopping? :o. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It's traditionally the start of the holiday-Christmas-shopping season. So, many stores like to start it off by having a lot of deals on Black Friday. :D. Yay for good deals. :). I went Black Friday shopping and got a new printer. Lolyay. :p.
This year, I don't think there were as many things on sale, when compared to last year. (Or maybe, I just didn't go to the right stores. :p.). At least, the things that I wanted, didn't go on sale. (Unfortunately. :c. I swear. Whenever I want something, it's never goes on sale. But after I buy it, the item sells for like 40% off or something. Sometimes, stores can be true trolls. e_e.).
You know, I feel like Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier. o_o. Like this year, some stores opened on Thanksgiving Day. (Like at around 10 p.m. or so. :o.). It makes me wonder if "Black Friday" is going to turn into "Black Thursday" or "Black Wednesday" or something. :p. Although, I kind of feel sorry for the workers working at stores with early Black Friday opening times. :c. Because they can't really enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner and such. :c. 
How was your Black Friday shopping experience? :o. Feel free to let me know about your Black Friday by commenting in the Comments section below. :). (Maybe some of you guys and qurls are waiting for Cyber Monday? :p. Best of luck to all of you. :D.).
Happy Thanksgiving of 2012. :D. Yayyyyy. Okay. Let's start off with what Thanksgiving is. :o. The importance of Thanksgiving doesn't lie in the fact that we have a holiday off from school/ work, super sales at stores, nor having a big feast on this day. (Although, all of them are pretty darn awesome. Loool. c:.). Thanksgiving is a day where you show your appreciation. No matter where you are in the world, this is an important thing to do. We take a lot of things for granted. But at least, for one day, show your appreciation and gratitude for what you have! :D. Instead of throwing a tantrum because you don't have the newest iPhone or whatever, be grateful for what you do have. :o. If you're reading this post, you have access to the Internet, a thing that many people don't have. Lol. Anyways, I'll list some things that I'm grateful for: 
• the gift of life.
• awesome family members.
• awesome friends.
• a working computer.
• Internet access. 
• a home to live in.
• food. (Looooooooooooooooooooooool.).
• YOU! :D. Thank you for viewing my posts! (It doesn't matter whether you're a new viewer or a loyal one. :p.).
And the list keeps going on, but you get the point. :p. I'm thankful for all of the things mentioned above. :). What are things that you are grateful to have? :o. Feel free to let me know by commenting in the Comments section below! 
Thanksgiving dinner is the best. :p. (↓ Picture of a Thanksgiving feast. :D. Yay for pictures of food. c:.). I don't usually eat turkey, but on some years, I do. Lool.
Anyways, have a nice Thanksgiving! :D.
Side story: Gah. So like, I planned on finishing the bulk of my homework today. But guess what? I finished virtually nothing. T_T. Happy day before Black Friday, btw. :). 
Happy Thanksgiving Eve of 2012. :D. It's the day before Thanksgiving! Yayyyyyy. (Who said that only Christmas/ New Year's could have an "eve". :p.). Loool. You know. I feel like Thanksgiving is underrated. D:. It's not getting enough attention! D:. It's an important holiday, in which you show your thanks and gratitude. Like, whenever I turn on the radio, all I hear are Christmas songs. And it's not even Christmas yet. D:. Wai aren't there Thanksgiving songs? :c. 
I haven't had such a good Thanksgiving Eve. I had this terrible test and I'm dreading the results of it. Bleh. Hope you guys and qurls had a better day than me. :). How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving? :o. Feel free to let me know by commenting in the Comments section! :D.
Random thought: Is it just me or does Thanksgiving fall on an earlier date this year? o_o. I'm used to Thanksgiving being on like a 25th or something. :x.
Ohkay. So like, I had this Writing Benchmark thingy. It was like, "Today, you will be tested on how well you can write blah blah blah." Or something like that. Looooool. (Wait. I think that was the wrong intro. My bad.). The prompt was decent (it was a narrative), but I had writer's block. :c. I swear. I get writer's block at the worst moments. e_e. (I'm sure some of you have experienced that before. It's a terrible feeling. :c.). So, I ended up writing about a real experience with some added "fake" details. Loool. 
You know. Whoever comes up with the writing prompts always choose the worst ones. Like, they never relate to the students. And the lack of relevance causes the "test" to be a "contest" to see who can make up stories better in a set amount of time. Like seriously. They need to come up with better topics.
And I'm fairly certain that I didn't do very well on the test because I ended up bsing more than half of it. (I couldn't think of anything at the time and was running out of time.). Bleh.
(↑ Looooooool. This picture is somewhat relevant. :p. It's from the episode of when Spongebob was procrastinating on his essay. :D. Spongebob: Teaching various methods of procrastination since 1999, or whenever it was created. Looooljkkjkjkj. :p.). 
P.S. Happy Thanksgiving's Eve's Eve. :D. (Basically, happy 2 days before Thanksgiving. :p.).
You know. I always end up asking myself the same thing at the end of every weekend. "Where dafuq did my weekend go? o_o." Like honestly. I don't do much on the weekends, yet they still fly by really quickly. It doesn't add up. ;_;. Right now, I'm like, "Weekend, please come back. ._."
Sometimes, I wish weekends were longer, but at the same time, I don't want them to be longer. Because when weekends are too long, I get bored. But when weekends are too short, I feel as if they pass by too quickly. Gahhh. I just can't win. ;_;. Let me know about your weekend-length preferences by commenting in the Comments section below! :D.
(↑ I swear. Sometimes, it feels like the weekends just love to hop onto those fancy smancy jets and fly away just to troll me. :c.).
Happy 11/16/12. :D. You're probably like, "What's special about today?" right now. (Or not.). Looooool. But today can be a very special day, for some of you. Like it  can be a person's birthday right now. :D. So, if you're reading this post, and it's your birthday today, then happy birthday! Loool. Also, today is the last Friday before Black Friday. :o. There are 7 days till Black Friday! So, happy final-Friday-before-Black-Friday. Loool. (This is a pretty random post. :p. But I'm sure that you're used to my randomness, at this point. Lool.).
To me, this year, it seems like Thanksgiving/ Black Friday is coming earlier. :o. Since, it's not on the last week of November. Loool. Do you have any plans for Black Friday? :o. Midnight-shopping? Online shopping? Let me know by commenting in the Comments section below! Also, you can vote on the poll about Black Friday in the Polls page! :D.
(The item(s) that I want never seems to be discounted during Black Friday. T_T.).