Guess what tomorrow is!!! It's New Years. And it's also this website's 2nd anniversary! (I apologize, again, for not celebrating the first anniversary.). That means this website is 2 years old, as of tomorrow! They grow up so fast. *tear.*. Lololol. If you want to read of this website's history of 2011, you may read the post titled "2011 in Review. iamboredish Edition." below. However, this post's main purpose is to say that tomorrow, January 1st of 2012, is this website's 2nd anniversary! What does that mean? That means that this website is 2 years old, as of tomorrow! And that means, that there's going to be a partay!  The location of the partay, is going to be here on this blog, and on the chat box page! Lol. It's going to be an online partay. What we need? We need pictures of food, pictures of stick figures, BFFs, coding, and lots of imagination! It'll make a great partay! (Hopefully, that is. Lolol.). Spread the word!
Visit! It's a great blog with funny posts! You won't regret visiting it! it's Berry Sweet's blog. You might have noticed me mentioning her in a few posts, and she's one of my BFFs!
Lol. I have a habit (dunno what to call it) of naming random things. Sometimes, I would get the name in a few seconds, sometimes it would take me hours or days. For example, I've named one of my BFFs stuffed animals, Food. Lolol. That was really random. Lolol. Just saying.
/End random post.
Haii peoples! Wow. The year's over already (in like about 2 hours and 2 minutes.). It's been a great year, for the most part at least. Just saying. Lololol. There were ups and downs and lefts and right and twists and turns. But it was mainly a great year. :D. First off, let me apologize for not celebrating this website's first anniversary, on January 1st of 2011. During that time period, I didn't feel motivated enough to blog, nor did I find rhyme or reason in blogging. So I decided to drop blogging. Fortunately,  I didn't delete the site. I figured, that since I've put a lot of work to it, that I might as well leave it there and let some people see it from time to time. (Not like anybody was viewing it anyways, which kind of depressed me.). Then I felt some regret of leaving my website alone in the cold dark world. So I decided to post every now and then, like about a post a week. My blogging was picking up again, but as it rose up, it dropped again. For as I lost motivation again. however, during about the beginning of November of 2011, I had a need of coming back to blogging . I found myself just staring at the ceiling, during my spare time. So I thought blogging might be a fun thing to do during my spare time. After I posted, I felt the need to keep on posting. I felt motivated again. That was my complete, true, and absolute return to I found out that blogging was also a good way to vent. Lololol. Just saying. Not many people visited my site, and I felt kind of depressed that no one would at least glance at all my hard work. I kind of felt discouraged, but I held on strong, and I powered through. I kept posting and posting. And I thought that I only wanted a pure blog. Not a website, but a pure blog. So I created However, I soon found out that I liked using Weebly's blogs more. I'm still keeping my tumblr updated and all but, I'm more active on this website. As of December of 2011, I felt like I needed to change the site to my current taste, as for I haven't really touched the other pages, besides the blog page, since my return on November. So on one fateful day, 12/5/11, I did a small revamp, an unnamed update. The blog page was slightly changed and adjusted to my liking. The homepage was changed the most during this small, how should I call it, tweaking. And so I found out that I really liked making the new changes, because of the end product. The website looked much better. I kept thinking and thinking, that the website still needed some work. And so I concluded that I should have a big revamp as part of the 2nd anniversary celebration. So I hastily revamped everything with an update I like to call, Neos. Neos was a big update that changed everything. I mean everything. You can read the update notes in a post below this one. Now, currently, I'm planning for the 2nd anniversary partay that is going to happen tomorrow! Haha. Time passes by so fast. During this whole time, I've realized that I have some really great friends, who've helped me with all this. And I would like to thank them (especially my BFFs and Berry Sweet.). I would like to thank you, as well, for giving me more reasons to have this website. Hope you enjoyed my massive wall of text. Until next time. Tomorrow's the 2nd anniversary of the website! ~DrkGenesis.~




Lots and lots of new polls have been added to the poll page. You can visit it by clicking the "Polls" tab or by clicking this link, Lol. The layout of the polls page has been revamped by the Neos update. Just saying. Lololol. It's more efficient now! Have fun with the random polls. And more random polls are on their way!
Well, this post is free advertisement for one of my BFFs, Berry Sweet. Visit,, for awesome funny posts! (Hopefully, she'll update it more often. Lolol.). It's her blog and she worked hard on it! I believe it's a great blog! Enjoy.~

The big update, Neos, is finished and has been launched! You can see numerous changes to the site, and if you want to see the update notes, here is the link, I hope you all will enjoy the website more now! Hours of work has finally paid off! Invite your friends please, so that all this work doesn't go to waste! Let me know if you would like to have anything changed, by commenting on this post, or using the contact form, on the "Contact Me" page.
Special thanks to my BFFs, for being my BFFs. And a really special thanks to Berry Sweet, who helped me with a lot of these updates. A big thanks to you too for giving a reason to have a website and constantly update it! A little thank for myself as well, for making this all happen. Lol.
Happy New Year's Eve!
The website's 2nd anniversary is tomorrow! That means... BIG PARTAY!
Happy New Year's Eve! Keep an eye out for the big update, Neos, which will be taking place later. Also, happy birthday Kisuke Urahara! Without you, Ichigo would've never saved Rukia.

The website's 2nd anniversary is tomorrow! You know what that means... PARTAY!   
The big update, Neos, is going to be released, hopefully, tomorrow! I have everything planned and I'm going to start the update tomorrow morning. With some help, I believe I can get the update finished in about a day's worth of time. (It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it's important to me, so bear with me. Thanks.). The big update will cover 3 major areas of the website:
1. It will change a lot of the tabs. As in the, "Home" and "My Blog" things, and so on and so forth. It will bring a deletion to the unneeded and unvisited pages. It will revamp the remaining pages and make the pages, as well as the website, awesomer!
2. It will bring some changes to the user interface. The layout will be changed. The layout won't be such a big change. It will have some of the old layout's parts and have some new looks. So, we can have the best of both worlds! The mouse-pointer-thingy might be changed into something special as well. Who knows?
3. Tweaks. A lot of pages will have small and subtle, yet important tweaks.
That's about it. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy the new changes, as I have put a lot of work into it (and I didn't even start the update yet!). 
Haii guys and girls. This website is almost 2 years old! (It will be two years old in like two days. Lololol. Just saying.). I came back to this website about two months ago. And been updating this as much as possible. I hope you've noticed that. And I've made some changes to the site as well. Small changes, but kind of noticeable. Such as the homepage revamp on 12/5/11. Or the arrival of the new chat box. This website had a pretty solid layout for awhile, but as new trends come and go. I feel, as if, the website is kind of losing its touch. I dunno how to describe it. But yeah. I guess. So part of the 2nd anniversary of this website, is going to be a new revamp. What's the name of the revamp? It's going to be called Neos. (Neos means new. Just saying.). Very fitting, huh? I hope you like it. I'm going to be working all day tomorrow on Update: Neos. And hopefully will get it done by tomorrow night, just in time for New Years. What's included in the revamp? Probably a complete new layout, with the same awesomeness. Some revised tabs, new polls, and more! It'll be better than ever! Enjoy.~
Happy New Year's Eve's Eve! :D. Again, if there's a New Year's Eve, why shouldn't there be a New Year's Eve's Eve?! So, it's been a fantastic year, and another year's going to begin. How do you plan on ending this year?
With a big bang.~