Girls are so emotional. Lololol. 
Blogging about things somehow makes me feel much better (If I'm blogging about some strong emotion.). 
Well anyways, if you've read the post below this ↓, you'll know what I'm talking about. 
That person has really great acting skills, and acted like he wasn't going to ditch me today... 
Or maybe that person plans to ditch me later/ next year or so... 
So I've been trying to not rely on that person. Not like I rely much on him anyways. 
Oh wells. Some connections are meant to be severed anyways... :/. 
Anyways, I'm feeling much better today. :D. 
You can tell by the way I write. Lololol. My writing style changed from when I was kind of pissed off in the post below, and to this style, because I'm feeling better. Lololol. 
Anyways, there has been another friend problem and such (not exactly for me though, for one of my other good friends.). 
Sigh. I hope that all problems could be resolved with an awesome resolution. :D. 
The end.

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