Gifts. I find this time of the year most confusing, due to the gift giving thingy trend thing thingy thing. ._. I find it easier to not give gifts nor receive them. Just stand in that awesome corner while everyone is throwing gifts around and such. But this time around, I find myself, typing this post, while thinking of what she likes or would like. .__. The problem I have with gifts is that you're never 100% sure of if the person would completely like it or not. And the reaction of the person when he/she gets it. What you spend 1087209384712342 hours making some card for a special someone and she just slaps you hard across the face? ._____________. That would leave a pretty big mark and a lot of time wasted. ._. But anyways, it's the thought that counts right? ._.
12/9/2011 01:39:37 pm

Yes. Its the THOUGHT that counts. I hear winds. :p The slap wll never happen, Tom. Ever.

12/10/2011 12:07:13 am

You sure? Lol. ._. I hear sounds. It just did. In a different situation, that is. Lololol.


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