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Lala. What does that phrase mean in girl language? I, personally, believe it means "I want your souls. FUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.". Jkays. But all jokes aside. What exactly does it mean? According to one of my BFFs, Berry Sweet,  it's girl speak for, "There's nothing much to say, so lala.". .___. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Girls. Are. Confusing.
Comment on the comment section below, about what you think the phrase "lala" means in girl language.
1/4/2012 03:42:23

Jokes back in. ^__^ What made you think of that??!

1/4/2012 03:43:48

Lol. It went from:
Funny Mood → Serious Mood → Confused Mood.
Lololol. Well, to be honest, you did. Lololol. Jkays. :).
Haii. :D. Well, I dunno. Lolol.

1/4/2012 03:46:06

Still in funny mood/serious mood. Lol. :P. Hiii :).

1/5/2012 03:08:33

Quite honestly, AS a girl, I have no clue. Never before in my life have I used the phrase/word "Lala" and I will never understand it. O.O


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