Popularity. You know what I dun understand? Doughnuts. What's the point of having a hole in the middle? Jkays. Anyways. I dun understand the popularity system. Lol. Some people are just magically popular, even though they shouldn't be, and there are just some who are just not popular at all. There are people who are always in the center of attention, and people who are never in the center of attention. Besides, aren't popular people just people? But then again, there are some who are popular and nice. Which is good. I'm the person who's like in that little emo corner, minding his own business. While others are like partaying all day and all night. Anyways, who created the popularity system anyways? Bottom line is: There are just some people who don't deserve to be popular and some who do. The popularity system is not fair.

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