As stated in the homepage "Questions and Comments" section, this is the Questions Post that I mentioned. You can state your question by commenting in the "Comments" section below. The purpose of having this post is because many of you have questions and sometimes the questions are repeated and it gets kind of annoying repeating the same answer over and over again. And it also helps you guys and qurls. Because if you have a question, chances are that the answer is already on here. So, you don't have to wait for a reply. (Although, I reply fairly quickly. Loooool.). And lastly, this also helps me with the new FAQs page that is going to be coming out soon. If I don't know what the questions asked the most are, how can I create a FAQs page? Looooool. (Btw, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.). Well, I can predict the questions, but it isn't as great as asking the readers (a.k.a. you guys and qurls.). So yeah. Lol. Moving on. (Tip: You might want to bookmark this page, just in case you have another question you want to ask. :o.).
Here are a list of rules that you have to follow asking a question: 
• Please make your questions appropriate. (Like no profanity and gross questions or whatnot. Use common sense. It's very useful.). 
• Please don't repeat questions. (Like if someone else asked a question and I answered it already, don't repeat the questions. It's annoying and defeats the purpose of this post.). 
• Please try your best to make your question readable. (Like don't type like this: "WY$$YP P30P13S!". Wow. It was so hard to do that for me, since I'm so used to my typing style. Lool. Anyways, try your best to make a comment easily readable and understandable. I don't mind complex questions, but make them understandable. Lool.). 
• Questions that don't follow the above rules are going to be ignored and then deleted. 
• Enjoy.
If you have read the post and agreed to follow the rules, please feel free to ask questions. If you did not agree to the rules, please click the button below to return to my blog. Have fun.~
10/6/2012 10:12:14 am

How long have you had this website?

10/6/2012 10:12:32 am

When is Berry. coming back?

10/6/2012 10:12:53 am

Why do you like glowy stuff?

10/6/2012 10:13:21 am

Is you twitter thingy GlowyBubbles because you like glowy stuff and bubbles?

10/6/2012 10:13:58 am

haii. :D. Omgeeee. The first questionnn. :D.
This website was created on 1/1/10. :D. So, it would make this site around 2 years, 10 months, and 6 days old or so. :D. The 3rd anniversary is also coming up. ;D.

10/6/2012 10:18:12 am

Does that mean another party? I CALL BRINGING THE S'MORES.

10/6/2012 10:26:32 am

Maybe. It depends on my situation. Aha. Pictures of food. :p. Yay for s'mores. :).

10/6/2012 10:25:23 am

Question: When is Berry. coming back?
He's back already. He's behind you. :o. Loljkjk. It depends on the situation. :o.
Question: Why do you like glowy stuff?
Well, because they're glowy. Duhh. Loljkjk. Well, I think it's because I like how it's shiny and stuffies. o_o. Like glowy stuffies look mystical and magical. Loooool.
Question: Is you twitter thingy GlowyBubbles because you like glowy stuff and bubbles?
Better than my reasoning. So yesh. :D.


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