The big update, Neos, is finished and has been launched! You can see numerous changes to the site, and if you want to see the update notes, here is the link, I hope you all will enjoy the website more now! Hours of work has finally paid off! Invite your friends please, so that all this work doesn't go to waste! Let me know if you would like to have anything changed, by commenting on this post, or using the contact form, on the "Contact Me" page.
Special thanks to my BFFs, for being my BFFs. And a really special thanks to Berry Sweet, who helped me with a lot of these updates. A big thanks to you too for giving a reason to have a website and constantly update it! A little thank for myself as well, for making this all happen. Lol.
Happy New Year's Eve!
The website's 2nd anniversary is tomorrow! That means... BIG PARTAY!

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