Woot. Just had a winter partay. :). I would like to thank the people who brought food, including myself, and my teacher. :D. My teacher payed for all the pizza and hot wings, so thank you so much. :). (Not like she's going to read this anyways. Lololol. Oh wells.). It was also annoying how these 8th graders freeloaded off of our pizza. They took a whole box. >_>. Sad part was, that no one stayed to clean up, but me, and a few others. >_>. Well, like I brought 2 family sized bags of chips. One got finished, but the other was unopened. So after the partay ended, and we started cleaning up, I went to go get it, to take it home and eat it. Lolol. BUT someone took it. DDD:. I got Ruffle jacked. Lololol. Oh wells. .__. All in all, that was a cool partay. :).

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