Basically what the title said. (Supposed to be doing homework, but posting this post instead. Lolol. See my dedication? :D. Lololol.). Anyways, girls are so confusing. ._. (Well, girls are wonderful at the same time, but also very confusing. Lol. ._.). For example, some girls don't show their "strong" emotions? (I guess that's a way to say it. I think.). Let's say, hypothetically, someone gets a girl some gift for some occasion, and then the girl is just like blank. Blank emotion. What do you do? ._. What is the girl thinking/ feeling? Is she extremely happy? Sad? Mad? Bored? The "Get-Away-From-Me-Before-I-Kill-You" Mood? And so you don't know how to react. Do girls tend to show their emotions on the inside? And then there are some girls who try to tell you something, but don't realy mean it, if you know what I mean. Or not. (I don't even know what I just typed. Lolol.). How are you supposed to know if a girl likes you? ← The question of the ages. How are you supposed to confess to a girl? Especially the ones who are very hard to catch their attention, but still are very awesome type. ._. (Sorry, off topic, but back on topic.). Another thing. Some girls don't talk at all. You can barely get a response from her. What do you have to do to get her to talk? The most confusing part: Sometimes, girls say the opposite of what they mean. So like a girl says "I'm fine.", but she really isn't fine. But then at other times, what if she said what she means and means what she said?! ._. It's like saying "Merry Christmas" when it's Thanksgiving. lolwhut. Sorry, bad example, but yeah. ._. Bottom line is: Girls are wonderful and awesome and stuff. I have many good friends that are girls, who, for the record, are all better than that person, and they're all very awesome and nice and such. And they mean the world to me. (Ironically, all of my confirmed BFFs are girls. Lolololol.). But it would help a guy out if girls can be more clear. Just saying. Just stating my opinion. Thanks. 
/End Vent. 
Someone :D
12/7/2011 07:12:37 am

Okay. :D.


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