Haii guys and girls. This website is almost 2 years old! (It will be two years old in like two days. Lololol. Just saying.). I came back to this website about two months ago. And been updating this as much as possible. I hope you've noticed that. And I've made some changes to the site as well. Small changes, but kind of noticeable. Such as the homepage revamp on 12/5/11. Or the arrival of the new chat box. This website had a pretty solid layout for awhile, but as new trends come and go. I feel, as if, the website is kind of losing its touch. I dunno how to describe it. But yeah. I guess. So part of the 2nd anniversary of this website, is going to be a new revamp. What's the name of the revamp? It's going to be called Neos. (Neos means new. Just saying.). Very fitting, huh? I hope you like it. I'm going to be working all day tomorrow on Update: Neos. And hopefully will get it done by tomorrow night, just in time for New Years. What's included in the revamp? Probably a complete new layout, with the same awesomeness. Some revised tabs, new polls, and more! It'll be better than ever! Enjoy.~
12/30/2011 07:35:54 am



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