Hapyp Last Day of May 2012. :o. Or basically, happy May 31st. :p. Loool. Overall, it has been an okay month. Loooool. This is the last post of the month. *makes it special.*. :D. Looool. Sadly, I have a big test tomorrow and I gotta study hard, so I can only do so much for this post. :(. There's always next month, right? :D. Haha. This month has been a rather successful month for my website. :D. Lolyay. I would like to thank you, the loyal viewers. :D. Couldn't have done it without you guys and girls. :D. Looool. That's it for this post. Let's end this month with a big.. BANG.
I noticed that a person's perspective seems to change greatly depending on the situation. Lool. I find it very strange that when I have lots of homework/ things to do, everything else seems so fun. And like everything just seems to go out of its way just to distract me. Like wtf. Looooool. However, when I'm bored and I'm looking for something to do, everything suddenly seems so boring. .____. And like everything just seems to go out of its way just to make me more bored. What. Is. This. Sorcery?! T_T. And at this very moment, while I'm making this post, I'm supposed to be studying for an important exam. T_T. Well, that's it for now. Until next time.~
(Haii. :D. I'm supposed to be studying now. But I needed a break, so I'm making this post. :D. Looool.). 
Who knows the manga Special A? :o. It is also known as S.A. Just saying. Well, it's a great manga. :D. I really liked it. Looool. I would recommend it to you. Usually, I'm the person who reads action manga like Naruto and Bleach. However, sometimes, I get bored of endless fist-fights and whatnot. So, I think a little romance manga or school-life manga is good. :o. A mixture is good. Lol. So yeah. :D. A close friend of mines recommended this manga to me. :p. Haha.
Anyways, so it's a really good manga with like 99 chapters (I believe.). However, I saw the anime and it was only like 24 episodes long. D:. Well, this post is going to be like criticism (in a sense, I guess.). Like, I didn't think that the anime did the awesome manga justice. D:. The anime left out so many of my favorite chapters. D:. I was kind of disappointed when they didn't put my favorite chapters in it. I was really sad when they didn't put the haunted house chapter, the New Year's chapter, and the last chapter. And a really big flaw in the anime, is that they didn't give Ryuu a girlfriend. D:. But in the manga, he had Finn. Lol.
The haunted house chapter was really important because that was the time that Hikari confessed to Kei. Lol. And the New Year's chapter was a pretty good one. :p. And the last chapter was probably best chapter in the manga. That was when everyone was doing their own thing each with his/ her own partner. (Like they were all coupled up. ^_^.). And like Hikari lost another challenge to Kei. And Kei proposed to Hikari. Like omggggg. I wanted to see that chapter in the anime. :(. Oh wells. The last episode for the anime was okay. I guess. It ended with Hikari and Kei doing some mid-air kiss right at midnight. Looooool.  And it did show everyone coupled up with their respective partners. :o. However, Ryuu was alone. T_T. Poor Ryuu. Loool. 
Anyways, I guess that's enough for this post. :p. 
Summary: The anime isn't ENTIRELY bad. It was pretty good, to be honest. They were really creative with the characters' hair colors. Lool. However, I wish they would've added a few more episodes. Like it would've been nice if they made an episode for each and every chapter of the Special A manga. Like follow it accordingly. It would have been nice to see every chapter in anime form. :p. 
Happy Memorial Day. *salutes those who were killed in action while serving our country.*. Without them, many of us wouldn't be living. I appreciate those who served our country and those who are still serving our country. Thank you.~
So likeeee. As we all know, this website is missing a favicon. D:. OH NOESSSSS. Oh wait. Hold up. Rewindddddddddd. Do you know what a favicon is? :o. I'll explain, regardless. Loooool. A favicon is the design thingy next to the website's title on a tab. Or at least, that's how I interpret it. There's more to it, but that's as simple as it's going to get. Lool. I'm going to read and learn more about it later. :p.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Favicon ← Basically, that. Lool. Read it to find out more about favicons, if you want. :p. 
Anyways, back on topicccc. :D. So like this website is missing a favicon. D:. So like, I created one a few minutes ago. :D. Looooool. And so I uploaded it and you can see it now. Tell me your thoughts about it. I know it isn't exactly "fantastic" or whatever, but it's just my first one. I'll be working on a better one that suits this website better. Lolsuits. :D. Like a fitting tuxedo or whatnot. Lool. So tell me your thoughts on the website favicon by commenting on the Comments section please. Thanks. 
↑ That's the first official website favicon. :D. Looooool. Again, it isn't much, but I'll be working on a better one. So no worries. :p. And if you don't know where to find the favicon. It is located to the left of the title of the website on a tab. Let me post a screenshot. 
As you can see, the favicon is easier to see when the background is like a brighter color. Lol. Well, that's it for now. Enjoy.~
Sigh. Decisions. Decisions. It seems like there are a lot of decisions to make for me. And they're all important in some way. .___. I don't know what to choose. Each choice has its pros and cons. Each choice can massively change my life. ._. I just don't know what to do anymore. Right now, I feel like Naruto. Like the part where he's fighting Pain and he's in nine-tailed fox mode, with 7 tails. And he's about to release the seal. Because he doesn't know what to do anymore. He's just doing whatever someone tells him to do. I feel like that at this moment. I don't know what to do anymore. .___. 
Whoaaaa. Weebly's user interface has changed drastically. o_o. It's going to take me awhile to adjust to this change. Loooool. This change is good and bad. I like how they're trying to make things more customizable. And I really like their auto-save feature. ^_^. But I think there are some parts that I would like to be changed back. Like when you're making a post, everything else is darkened. And I think that's distracting. Loooooool. I prefer it to be like what it used to be. Where it didn't try using light and darkness to make a depth-effect. Lol. Sorry for my terrible explanation. :p. But those were just my thoughts on this matter. Props to Weebly, however, for the good changes. :D. 
So like, as you know, I usually add 2 new polls to the Polls page like every now and then. Loooool. But recently, I have been running out of ideas. :/. So I need YOUR help. :o. Please comment in the Comments section below and share your poll ideas. :D. Your idea may be posted on a poll! :D. (Most likely. Looool. So why not? :p.). Thanks for your support. :D. 
I just heard the full version of the 21st ending song for Naruto Shippuden. And I was like amazed. It was great! Although, the excerpt of the song, that they used for the endings of Naruto Shippuden episodes, was already awesome. :p. The full version really has a nice tune and beat to it. Loool. Props to Unlimits, the band who created the amazing song. :p. The song is "Cascade" and as stated above, Unlimits wrote it. Loool. Well, that's it for this post. :p. 
Sasuke was much better when he was friends with Naruto. Loooool. Just saying. 
(Okay. I couldn't really come up with a good title for this post. So yeah. o_o. Sorry.). Well, like today I was playing a game of Knockout, a basketball game, with my friends. And it was down to me and my friend. And somehow, it made me feel like I was Red and he was Green from Pokemon Adventures. (Like during their final battle at the Pokemon League. Loool. Side Note: Red > Ash. Any day. Just saying. Looool.).