​Hey guys! Happy 5th Anniversary and New Year's! It's crazy to think that this website is now 5 years old. It's unfortunate that I don't update it often anymore, but it definitely remains a fond memory in my mind and heart. Time truly does fly by. Let's all have a great 2016!
A lot of times during conversations, I always struggle to find the right moments to ask questions, especially when the question is like a "return" question. Like let's say someone asks me how my day was, and then I start talking about it, but then the conversation starts flowing towards other subjects. And because of that, I never know when to ask about that person's day (and I genuinely do want to ask.). 
Man, the art of conversation is such a complicated thing. After all these years, I still don't know how to start/ end conversations smoothly. Smh. 




I think it's that time of year again to just let my brain free type my thoughts. (I want some gummy bears now. Italics make everything more dramatic. I'm a potato. o_o. Dramatic "o_o" face ftw? :p.). 
Within every social group, there's always "subgroups" or simply certain people being closer to certain others. No matter how close a group is, there is always this amazingly annoying phenomenon. It's perfectly fine to be closer to some people than others. It's perfectly fine to not like everyone. It's perfectly fine to want to spend more time with your closer friends. After all, we're only human and we probably don't like everyone in the same way. (Or just plain don't like everyone, in general. That's FINE.).
BUT it's not fine to blatantly exclude people (among the same group, I suppose) or treat them unfairly in public (or in any situation, rather.). It is extremely annoying when something I like to call "PDE", or Public Display of Exclusion, happen. Essentially, it means to exclude them from events (or whatever) right in front of their face. (I'm having trouble finding better words, so I apologize.).
What usually happens is that subgroups tend to just show off their closeness in public, without realizing the effect they may have on others. They blatantly (this word fits this post so well. o_o.) show signs of secrecy and spread rumors/ whatnot, in front of everyone's eyes/ ears. Despite certain news being public, they choose to keep it to themselves, often hiding details.
Events may be created and "leaked". Only members of subgroups may participate (which excludes those in the main group.). What gets me the most is that these events are usually planned out in public. People need to learn to keep things to themselves, unless they're willing to share.
Varying levels of closeness often divide up even the closest of gorups. 
It's hard to believe that the new school year starts for me tomorrow. Aha. I definitely enjoyed my lazy summer. :p. I got the rest that I needed, but I think I also accomplished some goals as well. So, the summer vacation wasn't a waste of time, in my opinion. 
How does time pass by so quickly? I cherished each and every day of my break. Haha. A large part of me doesn't want to go back to school cause it's so boring. But for the first couple of weeks, another part of me thinks that it'll be SOMEWHAT (in a sense) enjoyable, due to a change in atmosphere. But, of course, the minute a teacher starts assigning busy work or something, it all goes downhill... 
Ohwells. I guess I can'st stay in summer vacation forever. (Although, one more month of vacation definitely sounds nice...). Let's all have a great school year (or just year, in general. Haha.). :).
Until next time. Lata.~
The more that I'm forced to associate with complete idiots, the more I realize that people are often spoon-fed things that they don't deserve. In history (and even in the modern world), some undeserving people were giving high social standings just by being born into the noble families. The average person would have to work his arse off in order to achieve what someone gains as a gift. (My wording is off. Loool. Ohwells.). 

It's absolutely ridiculous to see where some people are, today. A complete moron may be Luck plays a huge role in these situations. Flukes can bring people great opportunities. In some ways, the world would be a better place (or, at least, more interesting) if people got what they truly deserved. I guess, what goes around, comes around. 

I really want some chocolate chip cookies right now. Lata.~
Sometimes, I think the emphasis on community service is just ridiculous. Yeah, it's cool and all to "help" the community, but having it required is a bit overwhelming. 
Think about it. You have let's say 3 thousand students. And if all of them are required to do some form of community service (and keep in mind that they live roughly in the same area), there would be a shortage of opportunities, even if only 10% (300 students) of them actually did it. 
It's just frustrating calling various locations and only to be denied. It's practically free service. Smh. I need to catch a break. Sigh.
League is a frustrating game.
Recently, I just hit a 9 game lose streak in ranked. I demoted an entire division and I'm still dropping. It's completely furstrating how I can go 15/2/5 and still not carry the games because I have potatoes as teammates. Wait. Scratch that. I'd love it if I had potatoes as teammates. That just goes to show how bad some members of my team can be. Of course, it's not entirely their faults. 
I like to focus on myself and correcting my mistakes, rather than raging on other people, simply because it's more productive. However, I just can't help but feel that the system is completely unfair. Why is it fair that I get matched up with people who can't think? Why is it fair that I get PUNISHED for performing CONSISTENTLY well? 
This entire thing is just getting to my head. It's getting to the point where I can't even perform well anymore. Sigh. 
I should just take a break from League, but then I still have my goal of reaching Platinum or higher. I don't even know what a victory feels like anymore. 
Happy first day of July. :D. I mean, June. LOL. During breaks, I can't keep track of what day it is. To me, this day felt like any other. So, it might as well be Thursday of July. Loool. (At least, I hope time doesn't pass by THAT quickly though.). I didn't even know that it was the first day of June until I checked the bottom right corner of my computer screen. GGWP.  
I haven't blogged for a very long time, and I feel guilty for it. I honestly had a lot on my mind that I wanted to get out, but I just didn't really feel like typing them down. It's just interesting to me how rants always get me back to blogging. Haha. 
Honestly, I prefer working with machines more than I do with people. More times than enough, people just let me down. Sure, machines can fail, but at least, you know that they've down their best till the very end. 
Even amongst the closest of groups, there are sub-groups, or cliques, that are even closer. I can truthfully say that I've never been a part of one of those sub-groups. The things they do can be absolutely ridiculous, in the eyes of a non-member. For example, they may create an event and only invite their members, leaving out the majority. This, in turn, creates a barrier which just shows that these people are closer to each other. Sure, it's only natural to be closer to certain people, but this, in my opinion, just excludes and hurts non-members. If I had my way, machines wouldn't let me down. Haha.
People's stupidity never ceases to annoy me. People can just do the stupidest of things. It's ridiculous how in Ranked Games for League, people just throw and rage so much that it's cancerous. Riot should throw all those people into "Trash Hell", in which they all get queued up with each other for all game modes without exit. And creating new accounts is a useless act because it'll be IP based. Thus, making it harder for people to escape this jail. Karma just really needs to hit home on these kinds of people. Their acts have such negative influences on the innocent. 
Gah. I feel my eyesight getting worse by the second. I wish that I could not get blind from using the computer so much. :c. 
Anyways, let's all have a great month of August.  I mean June.~
Didn't know what to title this, but I needed to just get a lot of thoughts off my mind. Hm. I probably should just create posts with the title of "Untitled." (Hah. Irony.). when I need to rant or vent. :p. There's going to be no specific order to these posts; I'mma just type out whatever I'm thinking.
The weather's starting to get to me.... a lot. Being more of a winter type of person, I've never really liked the extreme heat or summer weather. It irritates me when I just stand for 2 seconds in the heat and I start sweating uncontrollably. I'm unable to do work, sleep, or just enjoy life when it's this hot. It even messes with technology. My laptop's been having problems just because the air temperature is too high. >_>. I don't want the summer weather to come. Ugh. 
I can't tell if it's the weather or just very polluted air at my school, but my eyes get very red and irritated when I attend classes. At home, I'm perfectly fine. But as soon as I step foot onto campus, things start to go downhill. It's just been affecting my mood and performance overall. I don't like allergies.
It's annoying when some people just freelance off certain groups and come and go as they please. I know, and have certain friends, that just think it's okay to promise commitment and then don't show it. Being uncommitted to a group or club is just immoral. It's terrible how these people take advantage of the nice leaders of the groups and always let them down whenever possible. It's one thing to give a second chance, but it's another to give a fourth... Also, I just get annoyed when these people, after returning for a short period of time, try to pretend that they're the best at where they are and  try to ruin the events for everyone. I honestly think people like these should just be banned from all clubs and whatnot. Wasting other people's time and resources is just a crime. 
Some people just need to learn to let go of certain things. It's quite ridiculous when people can't be mature and hold grudges over the silliest of things. Often times, words may slip out unintended and a person may not mean what (s)he has just said. It happens to everyone, yet when people are placed in such a situation, some can't just laugh it off (when it's not serious, of course) and move on with their lives. I swear, some people just like to look for trouble, and it affects everyone around them. You know, one day, one of those people will just pick a fight with the wrong people. Hopefully, they would've learned a lesson by then. 
Despite all this negativity... dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets still make me happy. c:.