Happy last day of April 2013! Wow. Today is the last day of April. :o. Is it just me, or has time been passing by really quickly? o_o. In retrospect, I haven't really been paying attention to time. I think that's why time has been flying by from my perspective, that is. I've been preoccupied with studying for exams and everything. So yeah. I guess there's a big difference when you do or don't pay attention to things. To be honest, I didn't even know that today was the last day of April until my friend told me. .________. Probably would've forgotten to do this post if it weren't for her. GG. (Or maybe it's because that I'm sick right now. And that I've been like kind of disheveled and everything. :c.). 
Because I haven't been paying attention to time, this month appeared to pass by very quickly when looking back. Being busy has many effects, I suppose. -__-. Personally, I think everything's moving too fast for me. The school year's about to end. Many changes will be brought. I don't know whether I'll be looking forward to those events, to be honest. :/. Anyways, how was your month? Was it relaxing? Fun? Busy? Feel free to tell me about your month by commenting in the Comments section below. :).  
Let's all have a great last day of April and hope for a better month in May! :D.
You know. Sometimes, I wonder whether things could get better. 
↑ I really like the picture above. c:. Sometimes, flowers are so mesmerizing. @_@.
Okay. So like I was reading articles about astronomy because an assignment I had required me to do so. And like I read this. I was like, "Omgeeee. Bill Nye the Science Guy. *fanqurl scream.*. :D." I remember watching a lot of his videos years back. :p. Makes me feel a bit nostalgic. Haha. c:. 
I was playing Angry Birds Space. And I came across this level. I was just like, "Ohmahgods." Seriously. I thought that the layout of this level was just so awesome! Props to whoever designed this level. c:. I like it in the fact that it was laid out like a pool table. c:. I was like: *fanqurl scream.*. Lool. This was pretty nifty, in my opinion. The small things like these really do make a difference. :p.
Okay. So like 2 seconds ago, I came up with a kind of terrible joke. So I decided to share it with you all. :D. Looool.
What did the Texan cow say during the Texan Revolution?
Remember the Alamoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. 
Getit? ._. Haha. .____. 
(The picture of the clock was pretty awesome. c:.). I don't know why, but I feel like time has been progressing rather quickly. I know that I say that very often, but it's the truth. I think it's because I've been focusing on studying recently and like not worrying about anything else. :/. Sigh.
"Lost time is never found again." ~ Benjamin Franklin.
Happy Earth Day of 2013. :D. The Earth is our home. (Well, unless, you're like some extraterrestrial being who can access this blog post and actually read it. o_o. In that case, I have two things to say: 1. HAI EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEING. :D. 2. Don't harm humanity please. ._.). It has provided us with the necessary items we need to survive. It has sheltered us from harmful radiation rays from the sun. It has done many things. We should appreciate it and take care of it, as for it takes care of us. Today is a day where environmental protection and stuffies like that is being spread around. This year's Earth Day marks the 43rd Earth Day. Personally, I believe that every day should be Earth day. Everyone should do their part in taking care of the Earth and making it a better place. :). When many people work together under a single goal, miracles can happen. :D. (In a sense. By miracles, I mean more of "phenomenons". But meh.). 
All in all, we should take care of the Earth, our home, and cherish it every day. 
(Omgeee. I really like how the Earth is portrayed in the picture above. c:. It's an interesting style. It's different from the conventional styles, in my opinion.).
Happy Sunday, everyone. :D. Okay... I have no clue why I just did that. But okay. o_o.
*random intro.*. (Lolwhut.).
(No, when I say "Finding Project Partners", I'm not referring to the concept of "Finding Nemo". Looooool. :p. It would be epic if it was though. o_o.).
As you probably have read in some of my previous blog posts, I really don't like group projects for many reasons. I'm more of like a solo-person when it comes to these types of things. (Like how Kirito is a solo player. c:. *fanqurl scream.*. Sorry about the random reference. I had to. ._.). I find it easier to just work alone. It's less problematic and whatnot, in my honest opinion. However, sometimes, teachers assign projects that require group members/ a partner. And I kind of dislike it when those types of assignments are given. :/.
Because of being a person who works solo most of the times, I find it kind of difficult to find a project partner when needed. Like everyone else usually has some person in mind when they have to select a partner. I'm just like... blank. ._. I don't typically work with the same partner for projects, for some odd reason. o_o. Sometimes, I get lucky, however. When the problem of needing a partner arises, sometimes, one of my friends would also need a partner. And I would just pair up with him/ her. o_o. 
I guess not being able to find project partners quickly/ efficiently is a downside to working alone all the time. Bleh.
Do you have problems with finding project partners? Feel free to tell me your thoughts and experiences by commenting in the Comments section below! :D.
Have you ever heard the phrase, "double-edged sword"? :o. Well, here's a visual representation of the saying below. c:.
Loljk. That's not how it works. :p. The phrase actually means the exact opposite. o_o. Well, in a sense. :p. Having a double-edged sword for a situation or something means that it has both advantages and disadvantages. It's like having an item with both pros and cons. :o. Anyways, that was an intro to the post. Onwards with the post! :D. For the whales!!! :p.
Sometimes, my teachers go like, "This is a test/ assignment designed to boost your grade. :D." 
This is how I view it: 
"Oh great. Another assignment that can potentially drag down my grade. :c." 
Seriously. (Exceptions: Extra credit and special assignments that can't bring down grades. c:.). Things that can boost your grade, can also lower your grade, for the most part. (Understand my title and intro now? :p.). I don't understand why teachers say that certain assignments were meant to boost grades when they can potentially harm them. .__. (Teacher logiccccc. D:.). And so, yeah. o_o. (I swear, I had more to say than this... *can't articulate thoughts.*. ;_;.). 
(Picture somewhat related to the post. Loool. :p. It was a visual representation of a double-edged sword, so yeah. :p. Although, that is a pretty cool sword. o_o.).
Side-Note: Accacablahblah. I really can't spell the word, "sword", today. o_o. I kept spelling it as "sowrd" or like "swrod." -____-. I don't like it when my spelling skills elude me. ._. Spelling skills, come back. ;_;.
(Holy potatoes. It's been like 203874029387409287340987234098723047 centuries since that last time I made a blog post. .__. Sorry 'bout that guys and qurls. :c. I've been busy with studying for exams and everything. e_e. Blame the school system. ;_;. And like I felt bad about not posting, so here's a post. c:.).
The post title sort of matches the post. I couldn't come up with a better one, so bleh. :c. Here goes.
These days, you can see hashtags everywhere. Like seriously. You can see them on Facebook posts, blog posts, post-it notes, IMs, emails, messages, and etc. If you haven't seen them in a blog post before, then #, now you have. LOL. c:. They're even on top of the number three button on your keyboard! Gasp! :O. They're taking over the world. ;_;. Loljkays. :p. Anyways, back to the point. Hashtags have gradually gotten more and more popular. And sometimes, the "incorrect" use of them kind of bugs me. (I'll explain what I mean by "incorrect."). 
Personally, I believe that hashtags should stay on sites that support them. Like Twitter and sites like that. However, I don't really mind if people use one or two hashtags in their Facebook statuses or stuffies when they're trying to describe things or something. However, what really bugs me is when people spam unnecessary amounts of hashtags just for no good reason. They're like: 
Okay. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. Scratch that. Actually, I'm not exaggerating at all. o_o. I actually know some people who do that very often. Personally, it kind of annoys me when they do that. They're like abusing and misusing hashtags. :c. (Hashtag abuse. D:. Save the hashtags. :c. #SavetheHashtags. Looool.). Like is it really necessary to spam that huge amount of hashtags? e_e. I don't mind when people use hashtags once in a while because it's suitable. Because even I do that. But spamming hashtags is just irritating. 
Typically, I only use hashtags on sites that support the use of them. I also use them when I'm joking around with friends sometimes or so. :p. So, if you're like me and you don't like people who abuse hashtags, don't worry. You probably won't see me abusing them in blog posts. :). 
Post-It Notes can be very helpful, yet irritating at the same time. (Yesh. I know. Very contradictory. But it's kind of true, for me at least. Looool.). .__. Post-It notes are very versatile. They can be used for all-purposes. From protecting your life to walking the dog. They're very awesome, in that sense. (Loljkays. :p.). Usually, I use them to jot down thoughts that I think are important. Like reminders and everything. And I stick them wherever they needed to be stuck to. Loool. *sticks a post-it note on a doughnut.* "Eat doughnut." LOL. But seriously. When I have a thought that I'm afraid of forgetting later, I usually write them down on a post-note.
Doing that process of writing down thoughts can cause a lot of post-it notes to emerge over time. They can easily clutter up an area and make everything look disheveled. e_e. This really irritates me when it happens. And like sometimes, I can't really throw away any of the post-it notes because I haven't done the action on the note(s) yet. And I wrote them for a reason. So, these messes are a downside to having too many post-it notes. 
Do you like using Post-It notes? Feel free to tell me your thoughts by commenting in the Comments section below! :D.
Announcement: I don't think I'll be blogging very often in these upcoming weeks. I've a lot of tests to study for and I'll be very tired during those weeks. :c. Sorry guys. :c.
Personally, one of my favorite movies is Finding Nemo. c:. It's an awesome movie and had a great story line. :D. It had been part of my childhood and I still enjoy it to this very day. Lool. Any Finding Nemo fans out there? :p. Recently, I found out that a sequel to the hit movie is coming soon. :o. The title is: "Finding Dory." Sounds interesting. I can't wait for it to come out! I believe it has a lot of potential to be a great movie. :p. Feel free to read more about it here
Sometimes, it can be a pain to comment on Berry Sweet's blog. ;_;. There's always this thing that you have to type in to prove that you aren't a robot. e_e. But luckily, it has been removed! :D. A recent change has caused that monstrosity to not appear anymore! Yayy. :D. Nowadays, it's a joy to comment on her wonderful blog post. Let's all go comment on all of her awesome posts! :D. Yay for comments. c:. 
So like in science class, I was learning about certain scientists and their achievements. And I came across Galileo Galilei. And I start saying his name really quickly. I don't know why, but I think it's fun to say Galileo Galilei. :p. It's an awesome name. c:. 
*BREAKING NEWS.*. Well, not really. Um. *FIXING NEWS.*. (Lol. Whatttt. I needed something that was the opposite of "breaking". :x. Is it a crime to be contradict things?! D:.). This site's official Facebook page has officially reached 100 likes! :D. (Took us long enough, I know. ._.). Omgeeee. :D. Thanks for all of your everlasting support! Let's all work together to achieve 500 likes and beyond! :D. Share the page with your friends and whatnot. Thanks! :D. 
Personally, I'm kind of a neat freak. Ye. I'm guilty of being too neat sometimes. ;_;. (It's not a bad crime though, right? :D.). Because of school and homework and everything, I've been racking up a lot of papers. They've been piling up and like creating an entire colony/ empire or something. I swear, they even have their own government or something. o_o. (They might rebel against me. D:. Loljk.). Sometimes, I don't know whether I need to keep or throw away some papers. .__. Wait. Scratch that. 90% of the time, I don't know whether I need to keep or throw away certain papers. ;_;.
So like, my teachers say to keep homework assignments because they might enter scores incorrectly. And if that does happen, my proof is the score on my paper. So, I usually keep most of my homework assignments due to that situation. However, there usually are some other informational papers/ lecture notes that I don't know whether to keep or throw away. o_o. And they pile up and become messy. D:. All these papers stack on top of each other and keep growing in numbers. ;_;. Being a neat freak and all, I don't like this. 
Unfortunately, the fact that a problem may occur if I throw away those papers, scares me into keeping all of them.  Like seriously. One time, I had a situation where I threw away certain papers. And then my teacher said that we needed them. And I was like, "FUDGESICLES. D:." So yeah. ;_;. I swear. When I do keep the papers, I never need them ever again. When I throw away them, I'll need it in the near future. e_e. Bleh. Better safe than sorry though, right? :/. 
Do you have situations like this? Feel free to tell me your experiences by commenting in the Comments section below! :D.
Happy April Fools' Day of 2013. :D. Alright. Let's cut to the chase. Did I catch you off guard with the previous blog post? :o. The one stating that this website was going to shut down? Sorry 'bout that. I had to. :p. It was too tempting. Lool. Is it just me or is this April Fools' Day like more popular this year? o_o. Like I've been seeing more companies do April Fools' tricks. Google did one, but that's the usual. Twitter had done one. I'm not sure whether I just missed jokes from certain companies last year, or more companies played pranks this year. Lool. I think it's pretty funny when big companies play pranks like these. They're quite amusing. :p.
How was your day today? Did you pull off any pranks? Did you get pranked? :o. Do you have any April Fools' traditions? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting in the Comments section below! :D.
Here are some April Fools' pranks that I found amusing. :p. 
( ↑Let's not forget my own April Fools' prank. ;D.).
There were a couple more, but I couldn't find a good way to express them. (Especially the Twitter one.). Like Twitter announced that they were going to eliminate vowels from their service. And charge $5 if you want them back. Lool. It was an interesting April Fools' Joke. :p. And like I saw this picture with this scenario:
Two people were texting. And like one qurl said to another to ask a guy out. And if the guy says "no" say "April Fools!", but if he says yes, like just go with the flow. I found that to be ingenious and awesome. o_o. Props to whoever created that. (Sorry. I couldn't find the picture. D:.).
May everyone survive the pranks pulled on this day. :).