Ohwow. Today is the last day of 2012. :O. Happy last day of 2012! :D. Also, happy last day of December 2012! :D. (Don't worry. I didn't forget about the last day of December stuffies. Lool. I'mma combine that post with this one. :p.). It's been a great (ish) year! :D. I just can't believe that it's over already. Seems like just yesterday that 2012 began. Haha. Hope you guys and qurls had a great year! :D. Hopefully, next year will be an even better year! :D.
This December was rather interesting. (Ish.). It's been very busy. Ohgosh. *traumatized.*. It's also been very stressful. Bleh. I'm sort of glad that it's over. I think I'll be even busier next year. :c. However, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" ~ Kelly Clarkson. Haha. :p. So maybe all these hardships are for the better. :p. I feel as if time is passing by too quickly though.
Have a great last day of 2012 and have a great 2013 year! :D.
(Note: I'm going to make a "2012 in Review - iamboredish Edition." later on. I don't have much time right now. Sorry.).
(Wait. Wait. When I do "Happy New Year's Eve" is the date supposed to be 2012 or 2013? o_O. Since, it is New Year's for 2013... Hmmm. a;wejpofijas;ldkfj;laskjdf. Ohwells. Loool. If I did the title wrong, I'm sorry. Please bear with me. Lolbears. c:. Feel free to comment below to share your thoughts with me about this. :p.).
Happy New Year's Eve of 2012... or 2013? o_o. Ohgods. This really is confusing me. Accacablahblah. (*uses 2013 then.*. Lool.). 2012 is almost ending. :o. Wow. It's seems like it was just yesterday that I launched the Neos update for this site. Good times. Good times. :).
So, have a happy New Year's Eve of 2012/ 2013! :D.
MERRY THANKSGIVING. :D. Loljkays. :p. Merry Christmas! :D. (Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ and those of you who have your birthday today! :D.). What are you up to today? :o. Hanging out with friends? Opening presents? Giving presents? Drinking eggnog? Or perhaps, demanding figgy pudding from strangers. (I'll explain. You know the song "We Wish You a Merry Christmas?" Part of the lyrics are like, "Bring us some figgy pudding... We won't leave till we get some." So like, I thought that song was threatening. LOL. In a comical sense, that is. :p. So yeah. c:.). Don't be afraid to share your plans for Christmas by commenting in the Comments section below!
I apologize for not posting for a few days. :/. (I didn't get to make a "Happy/ Merry Christmas Eve 2012." post. D:.). I did not have access to a computer or anything that I could post a blog post with. :c. (And this computer access is just temporary. D:.). As mentioned before, I was traveling. So yeah. I might be able to make a couple more blog posts during this week. (Best case scenario.). I hope, at least. I don't think I'll be able to make a "2012 in Review - iamboredish Edition." this year. (I think I'll post it next year. Like during the first week of January or something.). Since, those types of posts take a long time. And I might have to hold off the celebration for the 3rd anniversary of this website. D:. Hopefully, things will work out for the best. If not, I sincerely apologize.
Anyways, happy day-after-Christmas Eve. :D. (Did that make sense? LOL.). Have a nice Christmas and a happy New Year.~
Random thoughts: I really don't like humidity. I wonder why people say "Merry Christmas." What's wrong with "Happy Christmas?" D:. (At least, the majority of the people say "Merry Christmas" anyways. :p.). Post your thoughts about this by commenting in the Comments section below! :D. *hopes for a lot of comments.*.
(You know. I think I'll make a collage out of Christmas pictures and post it here. I'll make it when I have time.).
Happy day before the world is supposed to end! (Loljkjk. The world's not going to end. At least, not tomorrow. Don't believe me? There are places in the world where it already is 12/21/12. Did the world end? No. There yah go.). This post is going to be filled with announcements and random thoughts. Loool. (Hence the title, "Holiday Announcements 2012." :p.). Random thought: I couldn't find a title for posts like these. (Like a post where I have to announce things and post random thoughts. Lool.). I like "Holiday Announcements" however. c:. What do you think of the title? :o. 
Ohkayyy. So like, this week I'm actually getting decent amounts of sleep. :D. Yayyy. Somehow, my teachers aren't giving much homework... Which is kind of ironic to me. ._. (And I barely have any homework over the Winter Break.). Like, when we (By "we", I'm referring to students.) don't have time, the teachers give us a ton of homework. When we do have time, like during winter break, the teachers don't give us any homework. .___. (Well, I don't mind not having homework over Winter Break, but that just means that I get more homework after Winter Break. I think.). Woohoo. I actually did pretty well on the Finals. c:. 
Like I said/ hinted in previous posts, there will be an update to this website coming soon. :o. Probably not during Winter Break. But maybe in mid-January or something. Lool. (I'm probably not going to be working on the update during Winter Break because I'm traveling during that time. So like yeah. Also, I don't think I'll be posting on Facebook or Google+ during Winter Break. Since I don't think I'll have much time to do so. However, I'll be blogging. At least, I hope.). 
And that's all for this time, folks! Have fun with whatever you're doing/ going to do! Happy Holidays.~
Have you ever had a conversation where it was difficult to respond to what the other person said? I have. Many times, unfortunately. ;_;. (If you haven't, then you're a very lucky person. o_o. I jelly.). For me, it kind of sucks how this problem frequently occurs with people that I want to talk to the most. :c.  When I do have this problem, the conversation usually dies right after. D:. 
Anyways, the phrases that I think are hardest to respond to are things like: 
• "Lol." 
• "K." 
• "Ikr." 
And etc. Darn. It's hard to list all of them off the top of my head. Bleh. 
Those statements are like conversation killers (sometimes.). D:. Like when used in a certain part of a conversation. Lool. It's just hard to respond to those, for me at least. Since, I don't really have anything to say after a person just says, "Lol." (For the most part, that is. o_o.). I mean I can always ask a question, but there are a few problems: 
• after the question is answered, it goes back to the generic conversation killer phrase.
• I can only ask so many questions. o_o. 
So like yeah. o_o. It takes 2 (or more) to have a good conversation.
Feel free to comment in the Comments section below to tell me your thoughts on this subject or share an experience you had with responding to a phrase! :D.
(↑. Sorry. Terrible example. I was just trying to recreate a conversation that ended in a response that was hard to respond to off the top of my head.).
(Uh. I really didn't know how to title this post. Lool. I wanted it to have something to with Finals and relief. Note: This post will also contain other thoughts. Also, I apologize for not posting for the past 5 days. I've been busy with studying for Finals and whatnot.). 
Omgeee. I finished Finals today. :D. Yayyy. It feels really good to be finished with Finals. c:. For all of you that have finished Finals, you probably know what I mean. :p. For all of you that are still doing Finals, good luck! :). Because I'm finished with Finals, I really don't have any homework. Loooooool. It feels awesome. Not having homework, that is. c:. Like, there's so much time to do relaxing things. Like blogging. :D. Although, time seems to pass by really quickly when I'm relaxing. :c. Time can be such a troll sometimes. ;_;. And then, winter break will be here in week! Man, everything's going by so quickly. That's good and bad. :/. I'm curious to see what my scores are for the Finals. I hope I did well. .___.
You know. I find this strange. When I have a lot of homework/ things to do, everything else seems so fun. When I don't have anything to do, everything suddenly turns boring. Like wtf. Loool. When I had a lot of free time today, I didn't know what to do. Since, normally, I would be doing homework and procrastinating. Loool. And so, I wasted my time by just reading random articles. Yay for random articles. c:. 
There was a mass killing at Newtown, Connecticut on 12/14/12. It was so sad. My heart and prayers are with the families of the people who died. The people who died were children too. R.I.P. children. I really hope nothing like this ever happens again. No one deserves to die like that. A person who has his/ her whole life ahead of him/ her. Just gone. 
Haii everyone. :D. Happy 12/12/12. :D. Did you make a wish? :o. I did. Hopefully, all of our wishes will come true. :). Lool. You know, writing "12/12/12" just feels epic, for some reason. Lool. So, today, I really enjoyed writing the date on my assignments. :p. This is the last date that will have the same numbers for quite a while. But, that doesn't mean that there won't be any more cool dates coming soon. :o. I think 11/12/13 can be the next big thing. :o. Tell me your thoughts about this by commenting in the Comments section below. :).
Oi. I feel like time's passing by too quickly. o_o. When you don't want something to happen, time just seems to pass by really quickly. Honestly. o_o. I have Finals this Friday. And I don't feel prepared at all. :/. I don't want to take the exams. ;_;. *ish stressed out and deprived of sleep.*. :c. 
Haii everybody. :D. Today is the day before 12/12/12. *fanqurl scream.*. :D. Lool. So, happy 12/12/12 eve. :p. Are you going to make a wish? :o. I probably will. Lool. Maybe even 2 wishes. ♥. (Because technically, you can wish at 12:12:12 a.m. and 12:12:12 p.m. Loool. Yay for technicality. :D.). I think I'm going to stay up until 12:12:12 a.m. or something. Lool. I has lots of homework to do, unfortunately. And I have finals this week. ;_;. I don't feel prepared at all. :/. Hopefully, you're having a much better week than I am. :p. 
Random quote: "You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back." ~ Barbara de Angelis.
(Warning: This post is sort of like a rant. Loool.). 
You know. I don't understand why some people have to be so judgmental. It really gets on my nerves, depending on the situation, that is. I can take a joke or two, but there are times where a "joke" gets too far. Okay. So, today I had to present my project. (I was showing the class how to make a lava lamp.). And so, I had a plastic bag containing all of my materials. It was a 99¢ Store bag. And so, some people made some snide remarks about that. 
It was really idiotic. I was just reusing a random plastic bag. (Because reusing stuffies is good. :D.). And I get criticized for it. GG. Anyways, afterwards, I was just talking to one of my friends. And then another friend gave a smirk and scoff and made a rude comment about me being cheap since I went to the 99¢ Store to buy one of my materials. That really pissed me off. 
Honestly, why should a person be criticized for going to the 99¢ Store? e_e. It's just so ridiculous, honestly. I went to the 99¢ Store to buy a material because it had what I needed (for a reasonable price, as well), not because I'm cheap. What's wrong with buying stuff from that store, anyways? Sure, the items may not be of very high quality. But the items there are cheap and they work (for the most part.). And that's good enough.
We all have our own opinions about people, whether good or bad opinions. That's fine. But people who don't have anything nice to say should just keep their thoughts to themselves. 
(↑ Picture not related to the post. I just saw this picture and it made me smile. :p.).
(I can't tell if the title makes sense or not. o_o. I just can't seem to create a title for this post. Lool. I wanted it to have something about time and point of view/ perspective. :p.).
I find it strange how time is so relative to situations/ conditions. (Or something like that.). It's feels like time is directly proportional to the events in our lives. Like when faced with a great challenge, time fleets so quickly. When you have nothing to do, time feels like it's just not passing by. When you have a lot to do, time just zooms on by. When you're waiting for something to happen, time is just stuck. (Something like that. Lool.). That's my opinion about time.
Unfortunately, I have finals this week and next week. :c. And everything seems like it's just passing by quickly. (Time is like trying to screw me over or something. Lool. :c.). I feel like I'm not prepared and I feel like I won't have enough time to study. :/. *ish very nervous.*.
Winter Break is almost here. I want it to come, but, at the same time, I don't want it to come. :/. When it comes, I like the fact that I"ll have a much needed break. But after the break, everything is just going to pass by very quickly. Everything seems to move too quickly. (Probably because of my current situation, which affects my perspective.).
Also, the weekends pass by very quickly, as explained in this post. :c. I think a lot of people can relate to this post. (This quote seems to apply when you're not in a difficult situation or anything. Like just a normal, boring, nostalgic day or something.).
"Looking forward, it seems like an eternity. Looking backwards, it feels like it was just yesterday." ~ Me. (It's fun to make quotes. Although, I don't like the feeling I get when I wonder if the quote was already said by another person already. o_o. I wonder if I'll become a famous quote person one day or something. :p. Loljkjk. :p. I can dream, can't I? Haha.). 
Just before you know, it'll be 2013. :p. And then it'll be 2014. Time just seems to zoom by when you look backwards. :p. (Random thoughts: Happy 12/9/12. Lool. It's going to be 12/12/12 in 3 days. :p. What are you going to wish for? :o. Unfortunately, I have a test on that day. :c.).
P.S. Keep your eyes out for an update that will probably come soon!